Time for your NAP (follow-up /corrections)

I wanted to follow-up on Adam's great post from last week on NAP's roll-out here within Microsoft. He stated:

That actually seemed like a low number to me, and MSIT assures me that it's a reporting error, so I'll update that figure when I get a corrected one.

This was in regards to the 30,000 machines in Redmond operating at 70% "NAP Compliant - healthy". It turns out that this "reporting error" was really and "admin error", which has been identified / rectified. The actual compliance rates are now consistently above 80% for Redmond. The deployment has spread beyond Redmond into North America by 10,000 new clients. AWESOME.

NAP the WORLD in 2007,

Jeff Sigman
NAP Release Manager
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    I’ve been speedlinking some interesting Network Access Protection links in the past (which you can find

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