NAP’s first day at RSA 2007

Well folks, NAP IS REAL. How can I say this when we haven’t shipped Longhorn Server yet? :-> Well, we have 45 out of our 100 partners at RSA.  9 of these partners were in a special NAP Partner Pavilion showing their working products fully integrated with NAP.

Pretty exciting day for the NAP team on the show floor. Where should I start?


It’s 3AM in Seattle and I am off to the airport.

I ordered a town car to pick me up, but they sent a limo instead. Travel in style baby.

Sea-Tac is deserted at 4AM. I have to walk across the country to find an open Starbucks. Can you believe it!?!

Microsoft’ies board the plane. It’s almost a 2 hour flight from Seattle to San Francisco, not bad at all.

Exclusive shot from the in-flight executive lounge (~7AM).

Arrival at the NAP Partner Pavilion (~9AM). Some team members have been on-site since Sunday getting everything ready. Calvin is on top of his game, directing the troops. Mark takes it easy. :->

Our NAP partners, Vernier Networks and SkyRecon, prepare their demos for doors open at 11AM.

Zoomed out look at the NAP Partner Pavilion. Hats-off to Calvin, hell of a thing to pull-off!

The crew suits up in our special flame red gear (~10AM).

Mike shows off our 802.1x NAP demo with Trend Micro AV at the main Microsoft booth; the show begins (11AM).

More team members arrive who caught a later flight. The NAP demo “pod” becomes crowed with all of us. We disperse so as to not scare off the customers :->

Chas shows off his Security Center Vista work.

Around lunch time all the attendees disappear from the show floor and we attempt to look busy.

More NAP Partners showing off their stuff, Nevis Networks, Apani, Applied Identity and Altiris.

Chandra is dying to give away an Xbox 360. We have six to give away during the show.

My hotel sells all of its 2000 rooms. I get bumped up to an executive suite because that’s all they have left. Boy, the 45th floor and executive lounge are nice!


Wow, what a day. Off to dinner and reception down the street.


- Jeff and the mighty NAP team

Comments (2)

  1. Parky says:

    So how does the NAP team party after a hard day at the booth?

  2. Joe Davies says:

    Hey Aaron. Well, first we went to a Press / Analyst reception. I met folks from Gartner and Forrester. It was an awesome setting, in a cartoon art gallery. A cartoonist made a sketch of me. I am posting it up on the blog today.

    My boss Mark then took us around his stomping grounds in the San Francisco area. We saw the "Big

    Trouble in little China" area and Little Italy. We also walked through Jack Kerouac’s old stomping grounds.

    We then went out to a nice dinner at a Brazilian restaurant. Wow. Some of us had a few too many :-> and we stumbled back to our hotels full of Brazilian BEEF (with a capital B)!

    – Jeff

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