NAP at the MTC

The Microsoft Technology Center in Silicon Valley is currently working with the NAP team and HP’s Procurve division to deploy NAP into production running against Longhorn Server build 5600 and Procurve’s new wired and wireless infrastructure products. The goal of this project was to show NAP working in something close to real world environment and interoperating with one of our key network vendors. We certainly learned a ton during this process and we even found a few bugs but in the end the products work as advertised. We were able to show Windows Vista (build 5600) authenticating against a Longhorn Server (build 5600) running Network Policy Server (NPS) using 802.11x. As part of this process, NAP enforcement was enabled and we had some simple health checks (virus, firewall, etc.) turned on. Using the VLAN capability already baked into the Procurve equipment, we protected the MTC’s main management VLAN and created a "quarantine" VLAN where clients could go for remediation. It’s a very slick deployment and it works out of the box with Vista as the client.


Next steps for us will be to deploy this solution to all the MTC’s in the US and then to extend the solution with a remediation server and to add support for Windows XP Clients. For more information about the MTC or to request an MTC visit to see this solution in action, contact your local Microsoft Account Representative.


Alex Jauch
Technical Director
Microsoft Technology Center - Silicon Valley
Office: 650-693-1500
Mobile: 650-703-3117


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