NAP API reference documentation updated on MSDN

SHA and QEC developers take note: the NAP API reference documentation has been updated on MSDN with information about API support on NAP for Windows XP with Service Pack 2. All client APIs are supported on this platform. The topic About NAP for Windows XP with Service Pack 2 provides information about differences in NAP functionality for XP and Vista.  The topic also has information about joining the beta program.



More MSDN updates for NAP:


We’ve made the following changes to the NAP API documentation:

·         The topic InitializeNapAgentNotifier was added.

·         The topic UninitializeNapAgentNotifier was added.

·         The topic NapNotifyType was added.

·         The methods of the INapClientManagement interface were updated. The methods are now declared in the napmanagement.h file.



Cathy Dumas

Programming Writer


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    In the Vista / Longhorn Server timeframe, the included Windows System Health Agent will have the…

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