Three step-by-step guides for configuring NAP enforcement are now available

Network Access Protection has quite a few moving parts and setting it up the first time can be a little daunting. To help everyone give it a try and make that first attempt as smooth as possible there are three step-by-step guides that can help. These documents will help you through the process of getting NAP up and running in your lab environment. They are detailed step-by-step guides for setting up a NAP system with a specific enforcement scenario. The scenarios documented are NAP with Server/Domain Isolation using IPsec policies, NAP with DHCP enforcement and NAP with VPN enforcement.


These guides go into great detail, specifically identifying what needs to be installed, configured and how. They also walk through how to test and verify the functionality of the system once it is installed and configured. The intent of these documents is to flatten out the initial learning curve for getting a working system and provide a jumping off spot for additional learning, and do this with as little hardware footprint as reasonable. They are not intended to be deployment guides. Deployment planning will obviously take more planning based on the needs and goals of your network.


The following guides apply to Beta 2 versions of Windows Vista and Windows Server Code Name "Longhorn":


Setting Up Internet Protocol Security Enforcement for Network Access Protection in a Test Lab


Setting Up Virtual Private Network Enforcement for Network Access Protection in a Test Lab


Setting Up Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol Enforcement for Network Access Protection in a Test Lab




- Joseph Davies and Kevin Rhodes
Windows Network and Device Technologies / Network Access Protection

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