This is my 1st post to the NAP Blog, I am the Lead Program Manager for Layer 2 Authentication and Authorization (think EAP, RADIUS, and portions of NAP!); over the next couple weeks I hope to post more about the various enforcement options available in NAP (VPN, DHCP, IPSEC, 802.1x).

In the mean time I wanted to share with you a quote from a May 2006 report from Forester titled “Microsoft Poised To Take A Big Chunk Of The Security Market”, this article does a good job highlighting many of the things we are doing in Window VISTA to improve the security of the platform, my favorite quote from the article was of course about NAP!

“…the most awaited technology coming from Windows Vista is Network Access Protection – Microsoft’s proprietary network access control solution. … Furthermore, Microsoft has an obvious advantage: integrating with Active Directory to give added user identity context to access control decisions. …we expect Microsoft NAP to succeed as the ‘glue’ for enterprise NAC, providing the policy framework to keep all of these moving parts working together.”

Ryan M. Hurst
Lead Program Manager
Layer 2 Authentication and Authorization
Windows Enterprise Networking