Q: What is Network Access Protection Client for Windows XP?

A: Network Access Protection Client for Windows XP is just what it sounds like, it is the NAP client that Microsoft will release for Windows XP.


Q: What operating systems will be supported?

A:  The client will work with all versions of Windows XPSP2 starting with the upcoming beta.  In a future betas we are planning to support select Windows Server 2003 SP2 SKUs and Windows Client x64.


Q:  Is the beta available?

A:  Not yet.  There is a beta planned to coincide with Vista Beta 2.   It will be available to all Windows Vista techbeta customers.


Q:  What will be included in Network Access Protection Client for Windows XP?

A:  The beta of the client brings most of the NAP client to Window XP.  This includes the NAP platform and APIs, the Windows SHA, and DHCP, VPN, IPsec enforcement methods.  The main differences between the betas for Vista and XP NAP client are that 802.1x will not be supported in the initial XP beta and the XP version of the Windows SHA is limited to the functionality of XP security center (this means no anti-spyware support).


Q:  Will the NAP server functionality be available on Window Server 2003?

A:  No.  Network Access Protection will require Longhorn servers to be deployed.


Q:  When is the Network Access Protection Client for Windows XP going to RTM?

A:  The client will release in conjunction with Longhorn Server.


Q:  When will 802.1x be available in beta?

A:  We are still looking at 802.1x support and do not have a release timeframe at this point.


- Rob Trace

Program Manager

Network Access Protection