Create your WSA using FireGiant APPX Extension on top of Wix Toolset

Check out the Channel 9 video to learn how to create a Windows Server App (WSA) running on Nano Server, using the FireGiant APPX Extension tool on top of Wix Toolset.

This tool enables you to use the same setup source code that you use to create a MSI package for other Windows platforms, to create an APPX package for Nano Server.

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  1. anonymouscommenter says:

    As organizations move toward modern DevOps practices, the role of the operating system needs to evolve

  2. Hi,

    Could someone help me in figuring out the location of fgwixappxextension.wixext.dll? i couldn’t find in WIX toolset.


  3. Xumins says:

    This WSA extension is not part of the open source Wix Toolset. please contact FireGiant for the usage.

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