Nano Server IaaS Image in the Azure Gallery

  This blog post is now obsolete. Please refer to the TP5 version here:     Update: November 25, 2015: Added steps to export the certificate to another machine for secure connection to the same VM Update: November 24, 2015: Added support for secure strings Fixed a bug in the script when using uppercase…

Nano Server Containers

Check out these blogs to learn how to create and deploy Windows Server and Hyper-V containers to a Nano Server host:   Container Host Deployment:   Managing Container Images: ref@  

Hands-on Packaging and Installing your first Windows Server Apps on Nano Server

In the introduction blog to Installing Windows Server Apps on Nano, I introduced the concept of Windows Server Apps (WSAs) and using APPX to install them on Nano Server. Now it is time for a hands-on tutorial to package your first WSA and get it installed on Nano Server. Since the APPX format was released…


Installing Windows Server Apps on Nano Server

The initial public announcement of Nano Server earlier this year aroused a lot of interest and questions, in particular on how to package an application and deploy it to Nano Server. Assuming your application has been already refactored to be compatible with Nano Server (if not, please follow the Developer Experience blog to create or…


Native Binary Scanning Tool (NanoServerApiScan.exe) for Nano Server

This blog post is now obsolete. Please go to the new one here:   If you developed a 64-bit application, tool, or agent for Windows Server in C/C++, you can use NanoServerApiScan.exe to check if your app will also run on Nano Server. Remember that Nano Server is 64-bit only and won’t run 32-bit binaries….