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For everyone who has been following this blog in past months and years (though I'm not sure it's even been active for years!), thank you.  As a TAM at Microsoft I have always maintained a passion for technology and have held a desire to share that passion with others.  To that end, I recently interviewed with and received an offer from the System Center support team here at Microsoft.  They have asked me to join their team as a Support Escalation Engineer, which is quite exciting!  But with this change in my career here at Microsoft, I felt it was proper to wrap up this blog and start another one which is more focused on my new role.

I hope those of you who have found this blog useful will continue to follow me at my new blog, A View From Behind The Walls (ok, I know I have a flair for the dramatic...I just don't like creating blogs called "Scott's Blog" or "System Center Blog").  So sue me (not really...please don't sue me).

At my new blog, I'm sure I'll be posting mainly System Center content.  But as I still have a passion for other areas of technology that Microsoft puts out (Active Directory, for example), I reserve the right to also post content on these topics.  Regardless, I hope to provide some useful content at my new blog and I look forward to each of you joining me there!


Scott Rachui

Support Escalation Engineer

Microsoft Corporation

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  1. Good luck in your new roll! I've already added the new blog to the list!

  2. Ted Wagner says:

    Good luck Scott!  I look forward to your new posts and any new books.  I always enjoy your posts.

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