Understanding MultiPoint Server 2011 and Hyper-V

One of the cool yet relatively unknown features of Windows MultiPoint Server 2011 Premium is the ability to use it as a Hyper-V host or as a Hyper-V guest operating system. And because of the 1+1 licensing with Windows MultiPoint, one copy of MultiPoint 2011 Premium can actually run as both the Hyper-V host and…


How to Install Windows MultiPoint Server 2011

Hey everyone, Livi here again! I bring you a much-anticipated video on how to install Windows MultiPoint Server 2011. We get a lot of questions about different parts of the installation process, so we’ve made a short video as a step-by-step walkthrough on what to do when you’re installing for the first time. [View:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t_piIGct1Iw] Enjoy!


Installing Software on Windows MultiPoint Server

Hey guys! One of the questions that we are frequently asked on the TechNet Forums is about installing programs on MultiPoint. As always, there are hardware considerations, but with WMS, some extra things need to be considered prior to installing software. Here are some tips to help with making sure programs run smoothly on your…