Roundup of Online Resources for Windows Multipoint Server 2012

There has been a lot of activity and questions around WMS 2012, so now seems like a good time to do a summary of the many online resources available.

Website - has been refreshed for WMS 2012, highlighting new scenarios such as orchestrating Windows 7 and Windows 8 PCs.

Download – has a 180 day trial version of WMS 2012 Premium that can be converted to perpetual product with a purchased Volume Licensing key.

Update Rollup 1 – is available for download at

Zero Client drivers – evaluation drivers for USB and USB-over-Ethernet connected devices are at .

Videos – has been updated with 5 new feature demos:

  • MultiPoint Manager
  • MultiPoint Dashboard
  • Disk Protection
  • Virtual Desktops
  • Deployment Options

Or play all five as a playlist!

For a deeper dive there is a 60-minute presentation by our own Clark Nicholson at

This blog – has a number of how-to WMS 2012 feature posts:

The WMS 2012 Planning Guide has been published here (now updated with all WMS languages) and the 2012 Deployment Guide will be published in March 2013 at   

Our product support site does not yet reference WMS 2012 explicitly, but all the information there is equally relevant to WMS 2012.

You can find answers to most questions in the 400+ threads on the WMS Forum

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Comments (8)
  1. Anonymous says:

    It means that no one can actually try the 2012 version, even if we've bought and got the license already.

  2. Hi Tran,

    We are investigating this, thanks for the report.


  3. Hello, David. On your first comment, in place upgrade from WMS 2011 to WMS 2012 is not supported, as is the case for the underlying operating systems, Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows Server 2012. In the case of WMS 2010 to 2011 we were able to support upgrade because the underlying operating system did not change.

    If you still want to move to WMS 2012 I just verified that the Evaluation version at is presenting me with the UK options for language and input during setup. The eval version can be converted to full product with a purchased product key. I don't have access to VLSC but the bits are the same so not sure why you ran into this setup issue.

  4. Mike Gahrns says:

    Tran:  We have verified that installations done from the Microsoft Download Center properly prompt for product key.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Both the Evaluation version and the production version (in VLSC) we've downloaded have NO PROMPT for PRODUCT KEY input.  Hope this can be fixed soon.


  6. Yoshihiro Kawabata says:

    Nice docuemnts.

  7. David Moss says:

    Two questions, if I may. Firstly, is there a document available covering the upgrade process from 2011 to 2012 server?

    Secondly, the ISO that you get from the VLSC is locked to United States and won't let me change it to United Kingdom on the install screen. This means that I will be blocked from updating my existing 2011 setup as it will say the countries are not compatible and that I must do a clean installation. I have already encountered this problem with Windows 8 Professional. Is there a difference in the media that my UK education software supplier can send me and the ISO from the VLSC, or can I find a UK version to download from somewhere else? I don't want to pay for a disc when I don't need to, but equally, I want a simple upgrade, not a complete re-installation.



  8. David Moss says:

    Thank you, James. I'll get the eval downloaded, and will take it from there.



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