Zero Clients for Windows MultiPoint Server 2012

Zero clients are an inexpensive and convenient way to easily expand the number of stations of your Windows Multipoint Server.  

One of the exciting changes of Windows MultiPoint Server 2012 is a new zero client plug-in architecture that can greatly improve the user experience.

Compared to the video graphics extension model of WMS 2011 this:

  • provides a more responsive and fluid user experience
  • increases system stability and compatibility
  • removes 14 zero client station limit

Note:  Even with the 14 zero client limit removed, other factors such as client load, server size and number of USB ports still affect the number of zero client stations a WMS server can support.  Refer here for sizing guidelines.

There are two kinds of zero clients:

  • USB attached
  • Network attached (also known as USB over Ethernet, since to the WMS server they appear as a virtual network USB hub)

WMS 2012 Update Rollup 1 (KB2791647) should be installed prior to installing these drivers.  It is available now from the Download Center and will eventually be distributed as part of Windows Update.

Three main chip-set manufacturers provide chips for WMS zero clients.   You will need different WMS 2012 zero client drivers based on the type of zero client device you have.

Here is an overview of some of the zero client solutions available for WMS 2012: 

DisplayLink chip-set devices

 Drivers are now available for these common devices from OSBASE:

 Plugable technology makes DisplayLink based zero clients bundled with the OSBASE technology easily orderable through Amazon.

Magic Control Technology (MCT) chip-set devices

MCT produces a variety of USB and Network attached WMS zero client devices under their name and a variety of OEMs such as Dell Wyse.

Drivers for the following devices are available from MCT or the vendor you purchased the device from. 

  • MWS8840
  • MWS8820
  • MWS400UL 
  • Dell Wyse E00
  • Dell Wyse E01
  • Dell Wyse E02


Standard Microsystems Corp (SMSC a wholly owned subsidiary of Microchip Inc.) chip-set devices

SMSC provides their chip set to a variety of OEMs who produce zero clients such as Atrust, Acer, Centerm, and HP.

SMSC USB Zero Client Drivers for the following devices are available from the manufacturers:

  • Atrust m300
  • Atrust m302
  • Atrust m320 (When USB attached, otherwise requires Atrust USB-Over-Ethernet driver)
  • HP T200 (When USB attached, otherwise requires HP USB-Over-Ethernet driver)
  • Acer E400
  • Acer U400
  • Acer U200
  • ViewSonic VMA25

SMSC Atrust USB-Over-Ethernet Zero Client Drivers for the following devices are available from Atrust:

  • Atrust m320


SMSC HP USB-Over-Ethernet Zero Client Drivers for the following devices are available from SMSC:

  • HP T200

Centerm Zero Client Drivers for the following devices are available directly from Centerm.

  • Centerm C75

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi, I have a case where I need 2 serial ports on 2 different zero clients. Of course I use some FTDI USB to serial adapters and they work fine. My problem is that I need to find a way to lock the COM port to the zero client, meaning if I start the zero clients in a different sequence at this time the COM port numbers gets scrambled between the stations.

    Is there any trick to do that?

  2. Hi, Richard. I've posted a response to your question over on our forum so others can find it as well.…/0d4421f3-68ad-4d05-acbf-0ccfbf38ecbe

  3. Mike Gahrns says:

    Bonfils: Sorry, I don’t have ideas as to what might be wrong in your situation. But given that the computer seems to be in a pretty bad state, I have found that in these situations it is almost always better to start with a fresh and clean install rather than try to fix what is already there. I would flatten the machine and then go to a straight WMS 2012 install. An eval version is available from the download center. It is unclear to me if the BIOS update was also failing. This should be addressed as well. When trying the BIOS update, unplug any periperhals.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hello, The student are able to bypass the webfiltering from the dashboard. Let say, if the student trying to signout from the end point, but there is an app or notepad that still open, the windows will prompt you to "signout anyway" or "Cancel" When the
    student choose Cancel, the Dashboard lost the control to the endpoint session In this part the student are now able fully use the internet browser with any dashboard filtering, and the dashboard is disconnected to the endpoint session.

  5. Mike Gahrns says:

    Bonfils: Ahh, from you last comment, I think I know what the problem is. WMS requires that the video driver for your specific video system be installed. During a regular WMS/Windows installation, just the generic MSFT inbox video driver is installed. To fix your problem, I think all you need to do is to install the video driver for the video in your system. e.g. if you have an ATI or NVidia card in your system, install the ATI or NVidia driver. If you are using motherboard onboard video it is most likely an Intel video driver you will need. If you bought your system from an OEM like HP, etc, you can usually go to their web site for you model to get the needed video driver.

  6. Bonfils says:

    Hi Mike,
    I hope I am not too late to submit my question in this discussion. I am a use of WMS 2010, trying to upgrade to WMS2011 or WMS2012, and I've got the set up software with me already. I am using HP M6000 servers, and SAMSUNG fat screens, with t100 clients.
    The problem is that any update to WMS2011 or 2012 does not work, and leaves the computer in safe mode, always. I cannot connect the other monitors through the t100 client. I have tried to do BIOS update, install WMS install assistant, install the WMS 2011 rollup update, install t100 drivers, and display drivers from Intel. All these have no success so far, and I don't know what to do, as I'm iddle now with 4 computers not working.

    I would appreciate for any advise.

  7. Bonfils says:

    Thanks for the response. I am also not clear yet on what the real problem is, and what the solution could be. We've used the WMS2010 for more than 2 years, and it is working well. Our WMS server is connected to 8 screens using the USB "HP Mutliseat t100 Thin Client". I tried the first upgrade with a purchased WMS2011, and the installation did run well. I did the set-up with the server connected directly to one monitor through a VGA connector. However, at the end of the installation, there was an error message saying the display driver is not working. I have done several re-installations, no change.
    I did the set up with WMS2012 from a DVD, and the problem still exists. I have tried to install drivers and support software, such as display drivers, t100 drivers, the update roll up, Intel display, HP install assistant by following install instructions provided . All never worked. I am not clear whether I did not follow the right channel for the set up, or I still miss something. BIOS update worked to success, but BIOS did not seem to be the problem.
    I have no ideas, whether I should seek to buy newer Mulitseat clients like t200, or something is missing from my system.

    Thanks for your advise.


  8. Bonfils says:

    Dear Mike,
    Thanks for the orientation. It is a bit challenging for me to get the correct Video drivers, and I think I should ask my organization to contact HP directly. We are using HP MultiSeat ms6000 Desktop, and my current search for drivers at hp website is saying no drivers for the specific product for WMS2012. I have no idea which other multiseat computers could have compatible video drivers. The only possible search result for the Video driver I have got so far is sp45348.exe, which says is for WMS2010. I'm still downloading it and will try with WMS2011 or WMS2012 tomorrow, I'll share results.
    Do you have any more advice on places to find more appropriate drivers? I understand this question should be asked more on the HP forums, rather than here at MS. I appreciate for the support though.



  9. Bonfils says:

    HI Mike It seems like HP doesn't have a good video driver for the specific machine. Intel is even more difficult to drivers from their website. I'm really stuck, no idea what to do next. I wish this situation gets a solution soon.

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