Windows MultiPoint Server 2012 Beta is live!

Hi everyone, James Duffus here with some big news from the MultiPoint Server team. Today, we’re excited to announce that the Windows MultiPoint Server 2012 Beta is live and available for download at our Connect site.

In February of 2010 and in March of 2011, we released the first two versions of MultiPoint Server with the goal of increasing technology access to educational and under-served customers. Our strategy of providing a simple, low cost solution where traditional 1:1 computing is impractical has proven successful as schools and non-profits deployed hundreds of thousands of MultiPoint Server seats around the globe. Windows MultiPoint Server 2012 builds off of the familiar MultiPoint experience, with the addition of several features that broaden the range of possibilities of shared resource computing solutions.

So, what exactly is new with Windows MultiPoint Server 2012? We’ll cover our new features in depth in their own posts in the upcoming weeks, but below is a general overview of the enhancements we’ve made for 2012:

  1. New MultiPoint Dashboard: One of the largest changes from 2011 to 2012 is the
    addition of the MultiPoint Dashboard, which is based off of the old ‘Desktops’
    tab from the MultiPoint Manager – effectively separating the system administration
    tasks from the real-time classroom tasks. With the Dashboard comes a new,
    WMS-specific user group - The Dashboard Operator group - which is a standard
    user account with specific privileges to allow access to the MultiPoint
    Dashboard. A Dashboard Operator will use the new Dashboard for tasks such as
    monitoring stations, blocking users, limiting web access, and projection. The
    MultiPoint Manager will continue to be used for setup and management of servers
    and users.
  2. Hands-off recovery with Disk Protection: WMS 2012 provides a disk protection feature
    that, when enabled, discards all changes to the hard drive and returns the
    system volume to a known good state on every boot. This feature is ideal for
    administrators who do not want to allow their users to modify the system volume
    or user profiles in any way, such as in a public library or a kiosk.
  3. A Windows 8 desktop experience: MultiPoint station users get the latest look, feel
    and touch of Windows 8, including the new Metro-style start page, great per-station
    USB device support, and multi-touch input.
  4. Monitoring Windows 8 (and 7) clients: MultiPoint Server 2012 includes the ability to
    monitor computers that are already running Windows 7 or 8. This allows for orchestrating
    a mixed environment of MultiPoint stations and PC clients. A system
    administrator is able to install the new MultiPoint Connector on the PCs and
    then add the PCs to the MultiPoint Dashboard. Once a computer is added in the
    Manager, features such as block station, enlarge thumbnail and launch / close
    application can be performed across all the PCs and MultiPoint Stations in the
  5. Virtualized Windows 7 or 8 Desktops: The Premium version of Windows MultiPoint Server
    2012 allows you to enable the Hyper-V role and create Windows 7 or 8 client
    virtual machines to map to MultiPoint stations. Because the VMs and the
    MultiPoint stations are all running on the same computer, we are able to significantly
    simplify deployment of the virtual machine-based desktops. While not quite the
    same as the classic WMS session-based desktops, we know that many customers will
    be happy to have this option to address application and device compatibility

We hope that you’re as excited about the WMS 2012 Beta release as we are. We’ll be sharing more in-depth blog posts over the next couple of months that cover the new features in more detail. If your organization is already running MultiPoint Server, or if you’re looking for a low-cost solution to provide greater access to technology, I’d like to encourage you to check out the Windows MultiPoint Server 2012 Beta, available for download now at:


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Comments (23)
  1. Dennis,

    We would recommend two servers per class room in your scenario. You can "join" the two servers together in one classroom and MultiPoint Dashboard will see and control all stations across both servers.

  2. Hi Rustin,

    I am checking into your question, I will follow up.


  3. Steven here from the Program Management team. The limit is technically enforced. It is 20 concurrent sessions for premium and 10 concurrent sessions for standard.

  4. Tyler/Patrick, thanks for your comments!

  5. Hi Sasa,

    Windows Multipoint Server 2012 will ship in the 4th quarter of 2012. The limits for active sessions for standard and premium will remain the same for Multipoint Server 2012 as they were in Multipoint Server 2011.


  6. Vinícius,

    Sorry for the delay. Are you still having problems? What URL are you using so I can double check. Thanks.

  7. Anonymous says:


      The 20 client limitation…. is that a hard limit based on the underlying technology or is it based on the host hardware capacity? Any chance it can eak out 25 clients? I mean usually MS over engineers everything so 20 is probably at half the bench mark.right? 😉

  8. Gustavo – the licensing for WMS 2012 will be the same as WMS 2011.

    Philippe – the final version release date has not been announced yet.

  9. Hello,

    In WMS 2012, we have separated the IT UI (Multipoint Manager) from the teacher UI (Multipoint Dashboard). The dashboard doesn't require local administrative privileges to run.

    I will pass on your feedback about raising the limit from 20 to 30 in premium.  

    Thank you for feedback.

  10. Hi Matthew,

    What is the best way to connect with you to talk about the upcoming order?



  11. Anonymous says:

    Dear WMS Team , we really Demand of increase the limit of WMS to be at least 30 concurrent sessions for premium , as 20 is very low for our Computer Labs , and putting 2 servers in every lab!!!  , we now 11 LAN in our Schools with WMS 2011 , and teachers keeps playing & changing of server settings include disable the NIC from curiosity point of view , all this because Microsoft decide to have admin privileges for multipoint manager user!! , come on you're Microsoft , couldn't you fix that , please please Microsoft don't give teachers Admin privileges or @ least give the IT the choice to make teacher admin or not , so we (the using people of your products) .

    1- Demand of increasing 30 concurrent sessions for premium

    2- remove admin privileges for multipoint manager user.

  12. Hi John,

    You can have up to 20 users on Multipoint Server at one time. You will need a USB hub to plug in each keyboard/mouse into, and then that hub plugs into the computer. That is a called a direct connect station. We also support USB zero client and RDS clients.…/howitworks.aspx shows the three connection options.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Hello MSFT MPS Team,

    Can you please inform us when will the final release of MPS2012 be available?

    Has the development team accepted the suggestion on raising the limit of users per server?



  14. Gustavo Puente says:

    Will WMS 2012 have the same 20 clients per server limitation?

  15. Philippe says:


    Do you know when the final version will be available on the market?

  16. Vinícius says:

    Ops, sorry my previews messege i send in portuguese.

    My problem is. I log in my acount and a try to join a community no sucess. If i try direct download the request page dont work too.

  17. Dennis says:

    The limit of 20 concurrent sessions is still low for education purposes as most universities are catering more than 30 students per class. How is MS thinking about this?

  18. Tyler says:

    Love this damn thing

  19. Patrick Tillman says:

    THANKS windows for the being the BEST IN THE WORLD !!!

  20. Rustin says:

    Will I be able to transfer my WMS 2011 license and CALs over to the beta and then into the final product. I know that I will have to buy Windows 8 licenses and I have Software Assurance for WMS 2011. Thanks in advance.

  21. Matthew says:

    I am also interested to know if my MultiPoint 2011 product codes will work for MultiPoint 2012. I am about to order 3,500 clients and I need to know if I should wait for 2012 to come out. When is the final version coming out, by the way?

  22. John says:

    Can we have two simultaneously active users on Multipoint 2012 with:

    1 pc Ivy Bridge platform + 1 video card (DVI + VGA)

    2 monitors (one connected to the DVI, one connected to VGA )

    2 mouse

    2 keyboards

    If so each has its internal IP?

  23. kev says:

    Love the product for our school!  We have 2 servers with 20 USB connected and 2 more server with about 30 via ethernet.   Any compelling difference in 2012 that we should upgrade?

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