eDiscovery export to pst failing


I was recently working with one of my customer and he had issues while performing discovery search.

He was typically getting a 404 error while performing search.

Customer was trying to perform a query and export data to a .pst.  

Error as given below:

Digging more into it and found customer was using a custom IIS site.

Custom IIS site was missing EWS virtual directory.

Note: EWS needs a unique IP address assigned and loop back IP must be remove. Don’t remove loop back IP from backend and default site.

  1. We created a EWS VDir for custom site and assigned a unique IP address and removed loop back IP address from the VDir.: 

New-WebServicesVirtualDirectory -WebSiteName CustomSitename

  1. Changed the VDir path to the custom location/path as they required for the custom IIS site.
  2. Verify WebServicesVirtualDirectory InternalURL is assigned for each Vdir.
  3. Set auto discovery URL for custom IIS site.
  4. Recycle AppPool for auto discovery.
  5. It must take care of the issue.


Disclaimer: Please make sure we are not making any changes in the default and backend site.


Apply to Exchange 2013.


Thank you,


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