Renaming room mailbox

I was working with one of my customer where as he was concern in renaming room mailbox and post impact?

Importantly on what would be the time duration of replication or will populate in Outlook, OWA, Outlook-Anywhere and different flavors of Mobile Devices.


Renaming room mailbox display name:

Below details has been tested in the lab.


  1. Renaming display name for room mailbox should immediately update as soon as AD replication take place.
  2. Few facts to be considered before we proceed with the change.


Outlook users:

Outlook online users: OWA and Outlook online users will be able to view the changes right after AD replication without any issues.

Outlook offline users: Outlook offline users have to wait until next OAB generation cycle and pushed to outlook based on OAB generation schedule.


Outlook Anywhere:

It will work same like outlook.


Mobile device:

All active sync users must be able to see the changes as soon as they connects to exchange considering same outlook facts.


Important: In recurring meeting, location field will not changes until you/meeting owner changes it manually.

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