Windows Update behavior on Windows Server 2016

In Windows Server 2016, we improved the desktop experience to provide a consistent experience by leveraging the same shell UI as the Windows 10 Client. This greatly improves the Remote Desktop Services (RDS) experience and made it easier to find things. The same is true for updating Windows Server. We leverage the modern settings user interface (UI) to access and interact in a consistent experience with the settings that control servicing Windows Server.

Along with sharing the same modern settings UI, you may have noticed that we also use the same notification system. For example, when updates are found and ready to be installed, depending on policies, we notify you with either a small toast notification at the bottom right corner of the desktop, in the Action Center, or a large modal notification like the one shown below.




Not to worry, you can dismiss this notification by clicking the Get updates button – this will not install updates. If you are not ready to install the updates, simply:

     1. Click the “Get updates” button and which launches the Windows Update Settings page in the Settings UI.

     2. Close the Settings UI.

NOTE: This notification will reappear daily until the updates have been installed.


We realize this is a change in behavior and are interested in your feedback in the comments section below.

Comments (4)

  1. anon says:

    This is the same large annoying notification that is in Windows 10. There are 2 main problems to this way of notifying: 1 – The message box is unnecessarily large, AND steals window focus; 2 – Cannot be dismissed without clicking Get Updates, which opens up the settings window for updates.

  2. ALu says:

    Is there a way to suppress this large notification? If so, please provide this information or a link to that information.

    1. No there is not, but agree that having this ability is a good idea. I will file a bug on it and bring this to their attention. Thank you for the feedback.

    2. mdw says:

      Me too! Please offer a way to suppress this modal popup.