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As you may have heard, Windows Live Essentials 2011 has been released. It will be available through Windows Update (WU) in the coming weeks, starting October 19th. This software upgrade will only be offered to users who have enabled updating through the Microsoft Update service. For more information about Windows Live Essentials 2011 and why you want it, click here.


Windows Live Essentials 2011 will be offered as a Recommended Update for users who have any one of the Windows Live software products installed, otherwise it will be offered as an Optional Update. If you have configured your computer to automatically download Recommended Updates then it will download automatically. After download is complete, WU will notify you of available updates, and you can start the upgrade. It will not install automatically.


Windows Live Essentials 2011 will be offered through WU for Windows 7 and Windows Vista SP2 computers. If you have not upgraded to Windows Vista Service Pack 2 then this would be a great time to take care of this task. Please note that you may need to install other available updates and Service Packs for Windows Vista before WU will offer Service Pack 2 for installation. Windows Live Essentials 2011 cannot be installed on Windows XP computers.




Microsoft Update Team

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  1. Anonymous says:

    wij beert kijk zeeg

  2. Anonymous says:

    wij beert kijk zeeg

  3. Anonymous says:

    This SUCKS ! You have screwed up my only computer & I can't get it fixed ! no system restore point will even work !  Bill Gates must have dropped out of Sunday school .  Shame on him for destroying peoples way of working ………..

  4. Anonymous says:

    Is Windows Live Essentials 2011 still offered as an optional/recommended update through Microsoft Update? I have performed several clean installs of Windows 7, both 32-bit/64-bit, ranging from Home Premium to Ultimate versions over the past year and I haven't seen Windows Live Essentials 2011 being offered through Microsoft Update for at least 6 months now. Yes, these are Windows 7 systems that do NOT have any Windows Live programs installed. And yes, I know I can manually download the Windows Live Essentials 2011 web installer but that still doesn't explain why I haven't seen Windows Live Essentials 2011 being offered through Microsoft Update for quite sometime now.

    Yes, I have installed Microsoft Update.  I have also checked "Give me updates for Microsoft Products and check for new optional Microsoft software" in Windows Update settings.  No, there are NO Windows Live Essentials programs installed.  No, Microsoft Office and Microsoft Security Essentials are NOT installed.  Silverlight is installed.  Remember, these are clean installs of Windows 7 that I have performed on new systems.  These are same Windows Update/Microsoft Update settings that I have applied/installed using Microsoft Update prior to 6 months ago and Microsoft Update did offer Windows Live Essentials prior to that.  It has only been in the last 6 months or so that I have not seen Windows Live Essentials being offered on Microsoft Update.  The reiterate, the following conditions apply,

    1.These all have been clean installs of Windows 7, no upgrades from a previous OS.

    2.Microsoft Update has been successfully installed.

    3.All available updates have been installed via Microsoft Update/Windows Update.

    4.Windows Live Essentials has not been previously installed nor hidden via Microsoft Update/Windows Update.

    5.The systems are clean, no malware/spyware/viruses.

    6.These are end-consumer systems, therefore Windows Server Update Services is not installed nor used.

    7.The Windows Live Essentials installer has not been pre-installed.



  5. Anonymous says:

    This SUCKS ! You have screwed up my only computer & I can't get it fixed ! no system restore point will even work !  Bill Gates must have dropped out of Sunday school .  Shame on him for destroying peoples way of working ………..

  6. SteveMallett says:

    Did this update last night and discovered to my consternation that Windows Mail, where I had my business emails directed, had lost not only my logons for those accounts but also my mail files and associated storage.  Contacts were still available.  I used a restore point to no avail.  Any suggestions on how to recover the 5 years of business email I had stored without backup?

  7. nick says:

    Wow, I'm lucky I didn't have WU to install stuff automatically. A 160 MB package with stuff to slow your computer down, flagged as an important update. Yuck!

  8. Cliff says:

    Yes, I also manually install updates to keep garbage like this OFF My PC. I use the 2009 version of this product and am going to continue using it.

    Microsoft, this is /NOT/ an important or recommended update. It's just JUNK.

  9. Tom Stack says:


    Do  you know if the windows/microsoft update client will be updated in the near future? Working teck support there are so many WU/MU error messeages that have no troubleshooting steps in the microsoft knowbledge base its terrible. It usally means resorting to Google to see what has worked for other people. And the Microsoft fix it WU reset utilty only works a small percentage of the time.


  10. Darcy says:

    Every time MS tries to improve things it pushes me closer to the front door of the Apple store!!!! Not only did this UPDATE screw up my profile and e-mail and documents, it won't do a restore to a previous point. Now the computer doesn't boot at all!!!!!  Congratulations  Mr. Gates. You've officially handed over the steering wheel to the monkeys

  11. Chris says:

    I installed Windows Live Movie Maker 2011 a few weeks back and it didn't recognize MP4 files at all.  If most of the newer HD video camera coming out use this type of format, why wouldn't Movie Maker recognize them?  After the uninstall, I tried to use Windows Live Movie Maker (previous version) and that wouldn't even recognize the MP4 format.  I had to uninstall both and reinstall the older version of Live Movie Maker.  What a waste!  I don't know if they latest download fixes that issue or not and I am not going to try it!  Might end up buying a decent editing program.

  12. Cliff says:

    This is actually part of the Microsoft Update, which can be turned completely off under WU Settings.

  13. Mark says:

    Why is this update an important update?!?

    It's not needed for the normal user and will give a lot off hassle to the support teams!

    Please remove the important flag now!

  14. Jason Kartesz says:

    Dear Steve Mallett,

    THe same thing just happened to me the night before last, with all email & calendar info. lost on MS Office 2007. In addition to System Restore (x5), I tried a full restore from my 1TB external drive, & that didn't work either. Seeing that others are having same problem is little comfort. What's the deal Microsoft?!? PLEASE HELP!!!

  15. PRS4 says:

    I received this update a couple of days ago and installed it but it failed wih an error message saying " previous version is already installed.  You must uninstall it first and install the new one", and it quit installing.

    When I checked "view update history", the status shows "Successful" even though WLE 2011 is not installed and new update for WLE 2011 is available message shows up again.  What the hexx is it?

    FIrst of all, I do not like the idea of uninstalling the previous version first to install the new version.  Does that mean I have to start all over again (e.g. settings of e-mail and other software )? That's ridiculous.

  16. laura says:

    I just unknowingly installed this update and all of my email is now gone. You idiots!!  I don't care if you put new features onto the system, even slow down my box……  But when you lose data.  Who in the heck tested an upgrade??  Why would you even think this is an OK thing to do??  How would you like it if your entire email messages and account info was blown away?

  17. laura says:

    Hey Microsoft, what should I do here?  You can send me an email with suggestions, but now I need to add in my internet account, setup all that junk again.  What do I do with all the hotel reservation, and vacation reservation emails that are now lost?  Next time, please put up a warning saying that this upgrade will effect your email and you may want to backup your data first.  Any warning like that would have caused me not to upgrade.  I was actually trying to fix another Windows problem so I wanted the latest fixes.  And, you guys really screwed me over.  I guess it is my own fault for ever thinking you would not release a bunch of garbage in the first place.   The more I touch this Windows junk, the more time I waste.

  18. paul says:

    I too got all the Windows Live Essential updates.  Afterwards, some of my contacts in Live Mail were missing and Live Movie Maker is now a total bust.  Movie Maker just doesn't work.  It won't load up .mpg videos consistently and when it does, the .wmv movie it creates turns out as a total green screen.  What was a good and easy movie making program is now useless.  Thanks alot.

  19. Maria says:

    I had the previous version of Windows Live Movie Maker which I used to convert my recorded HD television programs to a smaller size.   It worked okay but the sound was always extremely muffled and I would have to turn my system volume all the way up to about 90% to hear the audio.   The WTV files and the DVR-MS files that I had to convert them to before processing were extremely loud even with my speakers at about 30%, so I'm not sure what the problem was.

    Windows Live Movie Maker 2011 creates .wmv files with slightly better sound, but it is incredibly slow and CPU intensive compared to the former version.   Movie Maker 2011 takes over 18 minutes (with the Quad processors running over 90%) just to load a one hour HD video for processing.   The old version of Movie Maker didn't require this time and power intensive step at all… I would add a file and it would be ready to go immediately.

    I guess I'll have to stick with it because the sound is so poor with the previous version, but it is extremely disappointing that it ties up my computer for so much extra time.

    Live Mail is horrible if you have a lot of different email addresses.  I hated that MS got rid of the wonderful Outlook Express which was easy to use and always worked great.   Windows Mail which was included with Vista would have been a much better option.   I ended up having to go with Firefox instead.  

    It is frustrating that Microsoft seems to take great, functional programs and make them worse.

  20. Dee says:

    Since this update I haven't been able to access msn messenger which is an important tool for me to keep in contact with people.  This is frustrating and I have tried several ways of fixing it but nothing has worked yet.

    This is frustrating

  21. SteveMallett says:

    Hmmm…five days, no response.  Since I'm out of business for email, I have time to take advantage of the new business opportunity presented by the people who were wiped out….torch and pitchfork rentals!  Not a good customer service moment Microsoft.   If the purpose of this blog is to solicit a dialog, it's bad PR when we are greeted with stony silence.

  22. Joe says:

    After downloading this program I wish i could even log in my msn messenger, but i can't 🙁

  23. Mat says:

    As far as I know, I don't use Windows Live for anything.  Why is this update *important* ???  Are you going to make me uncheck this now for all future windows updates?  I don't want it.

  24. Ken says:

    I installed the update routinely this morning as the update was marked "important" just for WL-Modules currently installed and now my system is completely down.  I retreated to two different restore points and my machine refuses to load Windows (W7).  I'm now at the no return point of having to reload Windows and restore everything off my backup harddrive.  This is really nice for a business user who has now wasted 4 hours doing a routine "important" software update and I'm not done yet getting back to business.  I know it's worthless to contact Microsoft as that will take more time than starting back from scratch.  Thanks alot Microsoft.  Thank God I started on my laptop….at least being burned once kept me from falling for the trap on the office desktop where this message is initiating from.

  25. Joe Walsh says:

    Is there anyway to get rid of this and go back to using the basic windows live messenger?

  26. vista user says:

    Obviously MS made a HUGE error with telling people to update Windows Live Mail and causing them to lose contacts, etc….


    Shouldnt the original Windows Live Mail files containing contacts still be on the system? Shouldnt one be able to point Live Mail 2011 to access those now?

    What about using an Undelete tool? What files should one look for that contain the older Win Live Mail contacts/data?

  27. Lori says:

    This SUCKS ! You have screwed up my only computer & I can't get it fixed ! no system restore point will even work !  Bill Gates must have dropped out of Sunday school .  Shame on him for destroying peoples way of working ………..

  28. Dutch says:

    I am SO GLAD! I actually looked at the updates WU selects automatically and figured the live "essentials" didn't need updating. I was worried and finding this page made me DISABLE the MS update in WU

    For the rest of it: I have moved to web-based email years ago and use a competitors program for my older email. Same for office suite for that matter.

    I think I should run upstairs and fix my sons computer too. He does use live email.

  29. John says:

    Live essentials, Update ! Yeah right, since installing it I have lost half my screen to some stupid ribbon thing [which I have now managed to hide, clicking on some basic things like customize quick access bar does not work. Things which were so simple, like forward etc I can now only find by right clicking. Good job MS haven't thought to update such an old faithful too much as yet. Absolute crock !

  30. Keith C. says:

    I'm so glad I baulked at the 160MB download/update. The style of the 'invite' made me suspicious it was malware! Now I know it was!!

    Having already been forced by W7 to abandon Outlook Express which worked well for me, I wasn't enamoured by my ISP's webmail prog so went for LiveMail.


  31. malc says:

    My email account wont open now. Isn't somebody at Microsoft going to respond to all these post?

  32. Scuba says:

    As with everyone else, I cannot access my e-mail anymore. Did uninstall and downloaded again – for some reason, i now have messenger (old version) but still can't get into my hotmail…which is where all my data is. Other websites also won't load properly – facebook is now a no-go area for me. Heading off to military combat area in two weeks time and my hotmail is pretty much my limited link to outside world – thanks for screwing me over! Get it sorted.

  33. Joe O says:

    Why the HELL would you tell me an update is important, but leave out the notification THAT IT COMPLETELY WIPES OUT ALL YOUR CONTACTS????

    WHY?   WHY???   WHY ???????

    And how come NO response from the Update team?

  34. Raina says:

    This update have been blocked my JavaScript and now I can't do most of the things :S

  35. stefkomat says:

    I'd like to tell you some nice things about WL 2011, because the software is quite cute, BUT: Since I've done the update, I'll get an error every time I try to receive new messages from server – if I work with the browser version everything is fine … so please bring out another update to fix all the listed errors of your 'importent update' !!  … or give me back the old release.

  36. Perplexed says:

    Firefox hangs loading websites since installing this 'important' update, which may be an accident. What I can't understand, is why Microsoft has persuaded me to install this on the 6th November when it's already killed so many PCs.

  37. Kaye says:

    I also updated Windows Lives 2011 and screwed my email up big time!!!!! I called HP and they took over my computer and uninstalled everything they could find pertaining to WL 2011. Reinstalled Windows Live 2010 and guess what,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,IT STILL DOES NOT WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Was on the phone with HP for 2 1/2 hrs. Final solution, call Microsoft or take my computer in and have someone clean WL2011 that is stuck on my hard drive. I have not call Microsoft yet, but I am going to. Sorry to have read all of the above with your problems. We think we are safe with Microsoft updated, and they screw you.

  38. Jose says:

    please repair the  essentials mail since intstalling i have a error to retreve my emails.


    its no use to have this update but it more problems that the previous one,how can i get the old one back

  39. Andrea says:

    Windows Live on my Windows 7 computer always gives me the following error: "windows live essentials beta has stopped working". Any solutions? Why does it say "Beta" when the installation kit did non say it was a beta version?

  40. Dick says:

    Everything that has been said about Windows Live Mail 2011 is on the mark. It is dead slow. What on earth did MS do? Talk about screwing up a one car funeral

  41. David says:

    my business uses video everyday (private invesitgation) and we recently upgraded from xp to Win7… ever since, I've had problems with transferring videos, I now need to finalize ALL the dvd's from the cameras (wasting tons of available video time and MONEY), when the old version of Movie Maker (which recognized the SAME camera) allowed me to connect and take teh clips I need without finalizing my disk.

    Thanks for the 10 steps back with MM2011!   (sarcasm)

  42. David says:

    my business uses video everyday (private invesitgation) and we recently upgraded from xp to Win7… ever since, I've had problems with transferring videos, I now need to finalize ALL the dvd's from the cameras (wasting tons of available video time and MONEY), when the old version of Movie Maker (which recognized the SAME camera) allowed me to connect and take teh clips I need without finalizing my disk.

    Thanks for the 10 steps back with MM2011!   (sarcasm)

  43. David says:

    my company uses video every day (private investigators)…  we recently upgraded from XP to Win7.

    since: NOTHING but problems re: video capture.

    1. I now have to finalize every dvd from my camera for the OS to even recognize a disk.  This waste alot of unused/available recording time on the dvd's and MONEY!

    2. The OS wont recognize the camera at all.


    do I really need to waste my money finalizing dvd's for Win7 and Movie Maker to capture the clips I need?

    MM in XP worked awsome in this regard.



  44. Lithuanian from says:

    When sorting of newsgroup messages will be fixed? Thank you.

  45. says:

    When sorting of newsgroup messages will be fixed? Thank you.

  46. Rachel23 says:

    This has completely screwed up my PERSONAL pictures in MY computer!

    I want it gone,but you can't uninstall it and go back to how things were.WHY?!

  47. db says:

    can't update windows now since updating Live2011.  Get message "cannot currently check for updates, because the service is not running"

  48. Max says:

    I'm just trying to set up a brand new lap top and this is giving me nothing but a headache.  M$ is BS!  

  49. Mad As H*ll, Too says:

    Way to go Microsoft.  Had an annoying 156 MB reminder clinging to my laptop for 3 weeks, then when I finally un-installed the Live whatever add-ons for Messenger, I'm left with a broken MSN Messenger.

    I can't sign-in the normal way, so I guess you're tell me and everybody we should move on to APPLE.

    Ok …  thanks for the fricken pain.    Can't you just leave Well   alone ???????  !!!

    I echo the other sentiments on this Board.

    Microsoft.   Land of the Fools.

  50. Totally mad, in Houston says:

    It's really a piece of junk!!! Microsoft seems to force people to use this window live essential 2011. I installed because it said it's important and kept giving an reminder.. then problem followed, consistently popped out several error messages every 20 minutes!! now I uninstalled but the reminder for " important update", which is 156 MB of window live essential 2011 always there, totally annoying.  Can someone please tell me how to get rid of that update, it's auto downloaded but I don't know where is the file, the reminder keeps asking me to install it,

    NO!!! I don't want it, period.

  51. Ron in San Diego says:

    I too share everyone's frustration with this unnecessary and invasive update of Windows Live Essentials.  In my case all video/audio streaming I had set up between Windows Media Player and Nero 8 and my PSP3 have disappeared.  Even my Version Cue Server for Adobe CS3 has stopped working, impacting all CS3 features.  To be clear, this all happened right after Live Essentials 2011 was installed from a routine Windows Update, and continues after I did an uninstall of Live Essential 2011.  Still can't figure out how to fix it, and I doubt Microsoft will ever be able to either.

    Microsoft, you should be ashamed!  The US is falling behind in technology in the world because incompetents still employed by Microsoft are dragging us down!

  52. Laura an unhappy bunny says:

    The new movie maker is awful, it wont even add MP4 videos, well it does but there blank! the only ones it will upload are previously made on the old WMM and saved. so how i am going to edit new clips is beyond me. THANK YOU VERY MUCH. and also i hate the new msn….just to add.

  53. nobody4 says:

    i wrote a long long raging comment, but it has been erased ?

    Just to add, it takes 2 full minutes (!)  to open and be able to write anything !

    The funniest part is that WLM 2011 installs 1 totally useless service running 2 executables "WLIDSvcM.exe" and "WLIDSVC.EXE", and it still takes 2 minutes to be ready… am i dreaming ?

    M$ pretends these are necessary to check your mails, lol !! welcome to 2011 !! that's insulting…

    M$ presents you the worst mail client ever made in the solar system : WLM 2011 !

    I can't wait for WLM 2012. It will install a second OS, and you'll have to reboot every time you check your mails.

  54. james says:

    Had high hopes for W7 but this problem has been going on for 3 months?  Got a nice new laptop for Christmas(first one ever!) and already you're bringing me down?  To put it simply: Are you guys well?

  55. Reimage says:

    This issue is caused by the latest .NET 4 update – remove the update then install the WLE update and it should work – seems to be a bug

  56. Shibu.A says:

    Dear Microsoft,   is there any  network version avilable for problem step recorder (PSR),..

    if its available can you guide customers. becoz this tool is very userful for troubleshooting.


  57. kerry says:

    Installed the update about 4 times already, always went back to previous version. Actually had to reboot my entire laptop because it just stopped working and would not uninstall or install 2011 version.

    Honestly what a load of crap Microsoft sort it out!!! Trying to install it now and pressed cancel because it's taking too long. Clearly doesn't understand clear commands!

  58. Quack says:

    This Update Is The Worst Update So Far… The Older Version Off Microsoft Window's Is Alot Better Than This 2011 Version, Go Back To The Original

  59. John says:

    Why doesn't Microsoft just leave this alone… Everytime they try and fix things they just wind up adding on more crap no one needs/wants. I can't use the old version… I can't update to the new one… WHAT A PIECE OF CRAP!! Is everyone at MS an IDIOT?

  60. Udok says:

    windows live , photo , movie and s on , one only crap. Seems like Mr. Gates does not know, that ms is trying harder and harder  to give his clients software which just never works. Well you want   push us to buy an apple, you are very close, after windows7 and all the bullsh…. in it, nobody needs and never works , like win media player12, the biggest sh.. on the market till now, thanks Mr. Gates for givings us the sh..

  61. Frustrated says:

    after installing windows live essentials, i lost partial use of my dvd drive…i can burn to it, but can not read from it…when a disc is inserted it makes a whirring sound like its going to do something but nothing happens…the cd/dvd shows up in device manager and when i go to update driver i'm told my device is up to date…i'm using a sony vaio, windows 7 64-bit (i noticed that my dvd driver says 32-bit – don't know if this matters???)…i've looked online for help and nothing seems to be of any help for my specific problem or too technical for me to understand…does anybody have any ideas how to easily fix this problem? i've been 8 days without it and am getting really frustrated.

  62. Fuller says:

    It works, but it is very slow and resource-intensive.

  63. fred says:

    If your computer is still running Windows XP, you can, of course, continue to use the current Windows Live Essentials software,

    This is NOT TRUE. If you have an older version 1st off it WILL NOT let you access most of it as it tells your you MUST update to the newer version. The newer version is NOT usable on a WIn XP computer. However it IS TRUE that you MUST uninstall the old version 1st. Once you have done that you CANNOT install any version of Windows Live Essentials period. Could this all be Microsoft's way of trying to force users to upgrade to Win 7?

  64. pissed off GREATLY says:

    This morning I came to my computer to discover that it had automatically updated win 7.  I looked at my live mail and it wouldn't move.  I asked it to get moving and it asked me for my normal email address and unchanged password and wouldn't accept them.  So, I rebooted to discover that it no longer asked for my usual email address and password.  Because the entire account has disappeared.  All my business related stuff has disappeared along with the entire inbox of the account!  WHAT NONSENSE.  I hate Outlook because .jpegs sent to it from friends have to be looked at one at a time, not like outlook express used to do.  

    Apple is looking better and better!!

  65. KJ says:

    Same boat, it woouldn't install any of Live essentials on my computer, period.  I upgraded from Vista Business to Win7 Ult, still will not install.  Can't uninstall, either as there are no LE anywhere.  manually removed all references to Live on the HD and in the Registry, several times.  Did all the tips and removals i could find on the net, Iobit, Revo, etc.  LE still wiill not install.  

    Tried Live support, that site is down more than it's up, and even less help there.  

    I have also lost the last several years of business email, and my contacts won't load.  

    Outlook is terrible,  It bounces sutff back, relays mail that gets bounced, puts every email in 5 different folders that have to be read or deleted seperately, just a night mare.  

  66. ZH says:

    I am having the same problem and I cannot acess any live programs now. I am very upset I thought you would have actually tried this before you put it out for people to destroy their computers! What a load of crap!

  67. Windows support says:

    Well posted and im glad to be here…

  68. Erick says:

    I had to restore my system after installing this update.  It prevented my computer from accessing the internet.  I have windows 7.

  69. mtnmedic says:

    WIndows Live Essentials Update takes TWENTY MINUTES???  Are you kidding me???  This is so janktard I can't even BEGIN to express my frustration.   And this is a 20mbps connection with NOTHING ELSE GOING ON.

    Get your crap to gether, M$!

  70. surferdude says:

    this is the most tenacious thing to remove but I did it…….microsoft seems like they want to own us in our entirety…….ugly stuff in a free world

  71. owls2 says:

    microsoft update updated and updated and updated and updated…it put several "important updates" on my computer several times.  There are updates that were put on 7 or 8 times!! They are in my update history files, stating they were indeed put on my computer successfully, but they were put on over and over and over and over!! Several dates are listed for these updates as being updated and were  successfully installed. OMG!! I don't even know what I have or don't have as I look in my add and remove for  updates because there are so-so many of them. The thing is, they don't show they are duplicated.  My computer is now slow, my DHCP is "Enabled" causing IP address issues. I don't have or am not networking or need my ethernet network adapter, but the stinking thing feels it is needed, my computer can't come up with an address have the time. My computer looses it's connection and the DCHP thing is so confused everytime it goes online. I just want it back the way it was. I have no room left for these frameworks and security updates when they are applied 7 or 8 times. I don't think I really needed most of them. I can't get rid of all the extra updates cause add and rem. stopped me from  uninstalling them. I was only following thier instructions on what to do when updates  are  mistakenly installed several times.  repeatedly duplicated. I want microsoft to service my computer!! I'm serious!! Their updates, security updates, firewall rules, and all the patches needed to correct  all their holes in all thier operating systems, have seriously taken over MY COMPUTER!! I bought it, iand they screwed it up!! I can't afford to have it serviced, or have the time to read all the knowledge files put out by them for every patch/hole.  TOO MANY TECHS TELLING TOO MANY OTHER TECHS HOW TO FIX OTHER TECHS TICS!!!!    

  72. Ghost says:

    wasted my time finded windows7 ,/and bloked bloked notbook

  73. james says:

    this does suck you cant get an anser out of the techs here thanks guys

  74. Reallyoldguy says:

    20 Oct 2010 ? Is this honestly the latest update?

    I am writing this on 17 Jan 2012 – and if anyone is monitoring this, Windows Live Mail continues to be a disaster!


  75. Brsilver99 says:

    How do I get to have all of my contacts

    on my iPad just as I have them on my desktop?

  76. reborn says:

    Just do what bill does. Use your pc for bs and a mac for important stuff e


    It's really a piece of junk!!! Microsoft seems to force people to use this window live essential 2011. I installed because it said it's important and kept giving an reminder.. then problem followed, consistently popped out several error messages every 20 minutes!! now I uninstalled but the reminder for " important update", which is 156 MB of window live essential 2011 always there, totally annoying.  Can someone please tell me how to get rid of that update, it's auto downloaded but I don't know where is the file, the reminder keeps asking me to install it,

    NO!!! I don't want it, period.

  78. Anonymous says:

    Pingback from Dear Microsoft: Please Stop Pushing Potentially Unwanted Software Through Windows Update | MediaCenter Panda Security

  79. Bobby says:

    I would think you would have got all the bugs out of windows 10 before offering it to people like me. Now my lap top is ready for the junk pile, thanks to your shit that you claim to be so great.

  80. Bobby says:

    Next think you know Microsoft will be wanting to put the mark of the beast on your forehead or hand. This is probably a new regulation placed on by Obama in order to tract people in the end times. If you are a Christian they want to locate you to cut off your head. That is the very reason I believe that satin will use the muslins to carry out his evil.

  81. ralph parkes says:

    I’ve downloaded it and it sucks . I have never had as many different problems as I have now half the time the computer just shuts down in the middle of something i’m working on not happy don’t like it . this is bs don’t want it . tell me how to get rid of this nightmare .

  82. Budwal says:

    Firstly window live essential 2011 screw up by Microsoft and its stop working.
    Now window live essential 2012 screw up, it use to be add your email and password aits automatic configures and start working.
    and now its not configure automatic any more. I had many time loaded and uninstalling window live essential 2012, even then reloaded windows. Spent hours and hours on internet searching how to configure and does not work. Why Microsoft does this? Are they helping people? I notice many people complains about this. This is happening since window 10 lounge.
    Any one can help

  83. Mardy Yonikas says:

    Are you going to continue to support Windows Live Mail? I have been told that I need to find another email source.

  84. Edward says:

    I use Windows 7, Windows live mail 2011, version 2011, build 15.4.3555.0308. I have a problem with the calendar. – There was an error when attempting to connect to the Windows Live Calendar service. If the error persists, check to see if there’s an upgrade of Windows Live Mail available or contact a service representative. I have looked on the internet but I’ve not found anything to help correct my problem. Can you help please. Many thanks Dennis

  85. Mike says:

    where can I download windows live essentials 2012? Please help

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