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Want  to better understand updating behavior and what Microsoft is trying to do with Windows Update? We've created a whitepaper called Windows Update Explained, which provides information about how Windows Update works, including how to check for, download, and install updates.  It also talks about reboots, the information Windows Update collects in order to operate, and security protections in Windows Update.  And there's a little bit about WSUS, and pointers to how you can customize it, for all your IT Professionals out there.


Here's a snippet to get you started:


"In spite of their high cost and the headaches they cause, many security breaches are easily avoidable. The security fixes are available, but users don’t get them installed quickly enough (or at all).

Have you ever wondered what Microsoft is doing to help? Or did you know that Microsoft® Windows® Update is an important part of the solution, but weren’t sure exactly what it does or how it works. If so, this paper is for you…"


Interest piqued? Go check out Windows Update Explained over on the TechNet Update Management Center today and let us know your feedback. 


-MU Team

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