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Posting this as I've noted just a little bit of confusion with how Office 2007 SP1 is made available for download after it's release yesterday.  As you know, Office 2007 SP1 was released yesterday to Microsoft Update, and to WSUS as part of the Tues, Dec 11th release. 


As planned,  Office 2007 SP1 was not pushed via Automatic Updates.  There has been some confusion where Windows Vista customers are seeing Office 2007 SP1 listed as available with an option to install in their Windows Update control panel applet.  The new Vista experience of the Windows Update applet  combines the convenience of the Microsoft Update site, by  listing all applicable available updates, and the best of the Automatic Updates behavior.  This allows users to specify what update types they want to automatically download and install  (and when), as well as combines the interactive experience of the Microsoft Update site.  


On Vista in the Windows Update Control Panel Applet, the Office 2007 SP1 will appear as an available update to download and install, but it will NOT automatically download and install, regardless of the automatic settings.   Download and installation of the Office 2007 SP1 via the Vista Windows Update control panel applet requires explicit user interaction, just as with the Microsoft Update site.  Users can postpone the download and installation of Office 2007 SP1 on Vista, by simply going to the Control Panel, selecting the Windows Update applet and clicking "View available updates".  Once the list of available updates appears, they can de-select or uncheck the box next to Office 2007 SP1 and choose to download and install other updates, or just close the applet.   The next time the user is notified or the client checks for updates, the applet will again show the Office 2007 SP1 update in the available update list.   If users have the automatic installation settings set to 'scheduled' install, Office 2007 SP1 will still not automatically install.  If users would like to not be notified of  SP1’s availability again or see it listed, customers can hide the SP1 update by right-clicking it in the available updates list, and clicking "hide update".


Microsoft is committed to giving our customers thirty days notice before we release Office 2007 SP1 to AU.  This policy was designed with Office customers in mind and their desire to be aware for planning purposes when key service packs become available.  For customers who want the benefits of Office 2007 SP1 now, we have made it available from the site with the added Vista feature of ensuring that awareness and ability to take action is readily available for our customers when they decide to download and install it.


* Note:  As noted to beta customers, If beta customers are running  Vista SP1 beta software,  as part of the beta program, Office 2007 SP1 on pre-release Windows Vista SP1 will automatically install as planned for this beta program.

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Bobbie Harder


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Microsoft Update Product Team Blog : Office 2007 SP1 Update Availability:

  2. Anonymous says:

    Ever since I applied the SP1 update, I’m experiencing a nagging problem:

    – Each time an office application (any one) starts, "Office is configuring…" and it goes through a installation sequence over and over for about 30 seconds. Very frustrating.

    I searched the web, with no real answers. Office Professional Plus 2007, Vista Ultimate, single install (no upgrades, no multiple versions, etc.)

    I tried Office Diagnostics, no errors found.

    The problem has occurred since the SP1 patch was applied.

    I do not want to have to re-install office from scratch.

    Any suggested solutions?

    Thanks in advance.


  3. Anonymous says:

    further to my original post on sp1 and the update post, here is the official word from the microsoft

  4. Anonymous says:

    office 2007 service pack 1 update that was beautiful thank

  5. Anonymous says:

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  6. Anonymous says:

    2007 for installing updates from the office update I had was a nice thank you

  7. Anonymous says:

    I am so happy these days! That’s a great thing that you guys released this update so early. Seriously I didn’t expect it to arrive before the start of the next year. Microsoft did a great job to present so many new and updated products this fall! Yeah, we’ve noticed the issue you are mentioning here and despite it may look a bit strange for somebody I guess that was the right decision that you did it that way. Moreover in my own case it doesn’t hamper my will to install the Service Pack 1 to our Office 2007 users as I had been itching by the wish to try out the new software deployment features in our Desktop Authority desktop management tool from Scriptlogic that we are using here to deploy software  and patches, configure user desktops and harden them. Everything went smoothly to us. The deal is that the tool has now received the extended support to setup multilanguage patches and we were keen to test it out in wild. Second, we started to think why not to upgrade all of our computers to Microsoft Office 2007 since Microsoft is so rapid today in making patches and enhancing user experience. At least our half-a-year use of Microsoft Office 2007 showed that the product can work with old Microsoft Office 2003 side-by-side with no problems and because the fear to leave the capability to work with some software had gone. You know some software that say uses Microsoft Office Word doesn’t still support working with Microsoft Office Word 2007. It seriously irritates me and not me but also most of our users. Personally I may say that it’s very hard for me to switch back to Office 2003 application now because each time I do that (repeating solely to be able to work with applications that do not support the new office) I realize that I miss very useful features that I so frequently use when I work in Office 2007. And that ribbon is magic! Before I upgraded our users with the new office I thought that this ribbon is just a waste of viewable screen but my view on that matter has completely changed since I stared to work with the new functionality. I simply the feature that I can’t live without now. Everything now is just a one or two mouse clicks away from getting the thing done. It strongly remind me of my experience with working with Scriptlogic’s Desktop Authority. Everything that I could have dreamed about to make my administrative tasks can be done literally in a few clicks. If I need to deploy patch to user, I have to select the corresponding option, select the target and I am done. The policy fill refresh with the time I set for the deployment rule and the user will get its patch exactly when I want him to get it. This for example works fantastically for laptop enabled users. They usually log on to the network with cached credentials and this Scriptlogic’s approach allows me to assign patches for them when they return back from a business trip and log on to our network.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I do not use office 2007 with updates, but surely a good case took office in 2007.

  9. Anonymous says:

    On September 13, 2007, Scott Dunn of Windows Secrets reported "Windows Update (WU) started altering

  10. Anonymous says:

    BTW why is the checkbox prechecked anyway?

  11. Anonymous says:

    After you remove the service pack may have increased the performance of a good article, thank you

  12. Anonymous says:

    Microsoft Update Product Team Blog : Office 2007 SP1 Update Availability:

  13. Anonymous says:

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  14. Anonymous says:

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  15. Anonymous says:

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  16. Anonymous says:

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  17. Anonymous says:

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