The Microsoft Update Catalog v1 is Live!

I am excited to announce that we have released version 1.0 of the Microsoft Update Catalog!  With the new Catalog, you can search for updates available through the Microsoft Update service and download them to your machine (regardless of whether the update is applicable to your machine).  You can also import updates from the Catalog directly into WSUS 3.0, System Center Essentials 2007, or System Center Configuration Manager 2007.


Some key features of the MU Catalog include:


-       Full-text search:  You can search using a keyword, KB article, MSRC bulletin, driver manufacturer, driver model, driver version, product, and/or classification.

-       RSS:  Save your searches in RSS and get notified when new updates match your criteria.

-       Download with BITS:  We use BITS to make the download experience robust and efficient.

-       “Shopping basket”:  You can select multiple updates (and multiple languages) and download them together.

-       Integration with WSUS: You can import updates from your basket into Windows Server Update Services 3.0, System Center Essentials 2007 or System Center Configuration Manager 2007.

-       Localization:  The Catalog is localized in all core Windows Vista languages.


We hope you enjoy this new offering!  Please give us your feedback.  There are feedback options on the help page on the MU Catalog site.



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Microsoft Update

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  1. Anonymous says:

    On Tuesday, August 14th Microsoft released a download service called the Microsoft Update (MU) Catalog

  2. Anonymous says:

    Sort of like Autopatcher, but not really. Check out the new Update Catalog website, and read more about it here. Noteworthy (to me) Feature list 1. Search for updates – Download them to your machine, regardless of whether the update is applicab

  3. Anonymous says:

    I’m MCP and I don’t get how to use it. Searching just for "Windows XP critical" results lot of trash. Tried searching for _keywords_ that could narrow search results to useful amount, but couldn’t found any guide nor KB article. I’m not interested in getting preSP2 hotfixes, x64 updates and spam like 100+ flavours of .NET fixes in all languages. Am I stupid or missed something?

  4. Anonymous says:

    I was playing with the WSUS 3.0 integration the other day.  This is really cool!  My only complaint so far is that of six hotfixes I have to manually deploy right now across the domain (to address a variety of issues users experience), only one that wasn’t available through standard WSUS was available from the catalog.  Will the catalog eventually contain all hotfixes, or only selected hotfixes?  I understand MS is hesitant about releasing hotfixes that haven’t been thoroughly tested, but some of us are more than willing to accept the risk since we can do on-site testing.  Deploying through WSUS makes life SO much easier!  Even if it still took a phone call to get the hotfix (or an activation code or something), I really want to be able to distribute it via WSUS.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Yeah, it still won’t find any of the hotfixes that I had to push to clients using GPOs instead of WSUS 3.  I fail to see the purpose of the MUC if it only includes items that are already listed in WSUS.

  6. Anonymous says:


       I am doing a test with the new Microsoft Update Catalog. What I am trying to do is to get all the WindowsXP updates/fixes/drivers for a Lenovo ThinkPad T61 (6460-7EU). The thing is if I do a search for "T61" (model) or "6460-7EU" (model version), it will not return any results. If I do a search for "Lenovo", I will get results but for all Lenovo products, which is way too much.

    Also, I tried to do a search for a particular peripheral. When I looked at the F.A.Q., it said that you can do a search by typing the hardwareID (so I did one but did not get any search results.

    Am I not inputing the good search tags ? Did anyone experienced the same issues ? A little bit of help/feedback would be greatly appreciated !

    Thanks in advance !

  7. Anonymous says:

    The site says that I need to be using Internet explorer in order to use the site.  Apparently, the reason why, is because you need to install an ActiveX control.

    I’ve very confused why you need to use this proprietary technology when the site is nothing but a search engine for drivers and software packages.  There are no complex interactions with the Windows OS to auto-detect updates or anything (which would necessitate ActiveX).  So you have a "Download Basket."  This functionality does not need ActiveX, as evidenced by a great many other download sites, many of which do this in just ecma script.  This is not even a mandatory function.  What if I just want one thing?  I should just be able to download it via a link which requires nothing special at all.

    The whole point of the web and perhaps its biggest feature is its ubiquity and cross-platform nature.  Why are you guys continuing to break this?  It is appalling that this continues to be the case and is still Microsoft’s direction and outlook in 2007!  If all you people care about is a windows only/IE only thing, please, just code up a "native" client app in .Net.  This would be a far richer and more stable experience then dealing with a browser interface anyway.  I’d bet there’d be a good chance it would take less development time also vs. a hokey html/css/ecma/activex combination blender drink.

    Please take my comments seriously; I am not some random MS basher that prays to Linux every Sunday.  I work and support a primarily MS environment with some UNIX/Linux around for specific requirements.  I buy and recommend MS products to friends and colleagues.  But, I am no apologist and like the title says, this is pretty sad.  Be ashamed!

  8. Anonymous says:

    It’s normal that after applying the Control for Microsoft Update Catalog in IE and revisting the Microsoft Update site the Windows Update Agent 3.0 is (partly) updated to 7.0.6000.381?

  9. Anonymous says:

    It really needs a little more UI – if I put in "Windows Vista" as the search string, I get back over 1000 hits w/no easy way to further segregate the results or select all of them w/one button.

    A great advance over having nothing like this for Vista, but needs some Advanced Search capabilities to be at least as performant as the older Windows Catalog.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Is there a way to be informed of the revisions changes for all or specific patches release?

    Thank you

  11. Anonymous says:

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  13. Anonymous says:

    Would I Like to know when the Microsoft Update 7 is going to launch?

  14. Anonymous says:

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  15. Anonymous says:

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  17. Anonymous says:

    Could someone of you (MS) please correct the faulse linking of -> Security & Updates -> Microsoft Update

    The site redirects now to the new Microsoft Update Catalog site and *not* the Microsoft Update site which a lot of users (not only in the Windows Update newsgroup) find confusing?



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