Renew your Microsoft partner program membership in 2018 in 5 easy steps

As you plan and set your business goals for 2018, keep your Microsoft Partner Network membership in mind. Renewing an existing competency or attaining a new competency takes planning and forethought, whereas renewing an Action Pack subscription is simple. Even if your next anniversary date is several weeks or even months away, considering a few things now, and taking a few minutes to prepare, will help smooth out the renewal process.

On May 23 at 9:30 Pacific Time, we’ll review how to renew your MPN subscription on the MPN 101 call. Please register here.

Please note that some partners have been invited to renew on the new Partner Center. If you have not yet been invited, we will start to migrate partners to the new system in July. For detailed instructions on how to renew in Partner Center, please download and study the MPN Renewals in Partner Center Guide.

For assistance at any time with your renewal, contact MPN Support. Sign in to the Support page on the MPN portal to see your options for obtaining support from the MPN Support team. There is also a list of top partner questions on that page that may be helpful. To have a smooth renewal, follow these steps:

1. Identify your company’s Microsoft account administrator

Your company’s Primary Program Contact is typically the person authorized to update your organization’s membership profile and manage the renewal in the Partner Membership Center. The name of your company’s Primary Program Contact is listed in the Organizations tab on your Individual Account home page in the Partner Membership Center.

  • If you are the Primary Program Contact and authorized to renew your company’s membership, use the recommendations below to get started
  • If you are not the Primary Program Contact, share this post with him or her
  • For assistance at any time with your renewal, contact MPN Support. Sign in to the Support page on the MPN portal to see your options for obtaining support from the MPN Support team. There is also a list of top partner questions on that page that may be helpful.

2. Determine your anniversary date

You’ll want to know the timeline for your renewal. Sign in to the partner portal with your Microsoft account (formerly Live ID) that is associated to your MPN membership.

Once you’re signed in, click on the welcome message at the top right corner, and you’ll see the date that your membership expires. This is also called your anniversary date.

  • If your date is fewer than 90 days away, you should start the renewal process.
  • If your date is more than 90 days away, add a reminder to your calendar. We’ve created a calendar template that includes a renewal checklist. Set the date to three months out from your anniversary date, as 90 days is the point at which you can begin your online renewal. Download the 90-day renewal calendar reminder template

3. Review and understand competency requirements

Competency requirements change over time and it is crucial that you look over requirements ahead of time to ensure there is no rush to complete certifications or meet performance requirements at the last minute.

In 2017, Microsoft lifted the subsidies on cloud competency fees and starting October 1, 2017 the cloud competency fees been the same as all other competencies (US$1,670 for Silver and US$4,730 for Gold). This price change will apply to partners at the time of their membership renewal.

Specific competency requirements update

In addition to the broad changes across most or all of the competencies, specific competencies may have updated or new requirements. Starting on the Competencies page, review the requirements for the competency or competencies you currently have (once you’re on the specific competency’s page, select Requirements, then Silver or Gold, from the column under “Competency details”).

If your anniversary date is within 90 days, the Primary Program Contact will also be able to see the requirements in the Partner Membership Center.

Customer evidence requirement

Customer evidence is a core requirement for all competencies, and customer references expire after two years. Check the status of your customer references in the Partner Membership Center, and identify new customer references if necessary—an expiring customer reference may delay your renewal, even if you have met all other requirements.

Technical assessments, exams, and certifications requirement

Technical credentials are a core requirement for all competencies, and vary according to each competency. Find the specific technical requirement details for each of your competencies. If your employees or contractors pass the eligible competency exams for multiple competencies, you can count those exams toward attaining multiple competencies. This requirement can take time to complete, and I recommend working with your technical team as early as possible to understand and plan to meet these requirements.

  • The Learning Portal is the one place to find exams, certifications, and courses to help fulfill competency requirement

4. Alerts to help you plan ahead

As your company approaches its membership anniversary date, your company’s Primary Program Contact will receive email notifications from Microsoft with information about renewal, and should see renewal information in the Partner Membership Center starting at 90 days from the anniversary date. Additionally, throughout the year, if there are changes to a competency your company has that affect requirements and/or benefits, you will receive email notifications and see notifications in the Partner Membership Center.

5. Action Pack Subscription renewal

For Microsoft Action Pack subscribers, renewal is simple. Visit the partner portal and click Renew. You will then be redirected to Partner Membership Center to log in, pay the fees, and renew your subscription. There is also an option to opt in to auto-renew.

Microsoft is changing the membership platform from Partner Membership Center to a new integrated platform: Partner Center. This change is happening slowly over the next year to maintain optimal partner experience and as an Action Pack subscriber, you may be redirected to Partner Center when you attempt to renew. The MPN Support team will be able to assist you through this process at 1-800-MPN-SOLV.

How to get support during your renewal

For assistance at any time with your renewal, contact MPN Support. Sign in to the Support page on the MPN portal to see your options for obtaining support from the MPN Support team. There is also a list of top partner questions on that page that may be helpful.

If you have trouble signing in to the MPN website, follow these troubleshooting suggestions.

Stay informed as a US Partner

Choose your favorite way (or ways) to get the news and information relevant to your business and areas of interest. You can download our slide that lists and links to these resources.

Again, join the MPN 101 community call talking about competency renewal on January 23 at 9:30 am Pacific Time.

MPN 101 Community


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  1. PC410 says:

    These steps don’t actually go anywhere. There is no ‘renew now’ link. The link to the partner portal after the second subheading above that goes to an alleged ‘welcome message’ does not actually contain any such message,, but it does go to a partner page where I can click my organization name at top-right, and then drill down to membership, and eventually to ‘renew now’.
    Stop using last year’s text. Those pages don’t link like that.

    1. Thank you for letting us know that instructions to renew the membership weren’t clear. We have updated the link in the second section and added a screen shot of the membership page highlighting the “Enroll” and “Renew” links to make it easier to find them on the page.

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