Help your customers do more with new Windows 10 Pro devices


Microsoft has released new low-cost Windows 10 Pro devices under US$300 for commercial use that let you deliver your commercial customers low-cost devices without sacrificing your profitability. For around the same cost of a Chromebook, you can provide your customers with the proven productivity of Windows 10 Pro, modern management capabilities, and access to their online and offline files - all without sacrificing identity and data security.

Windows 10 Pro paired with Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) helps you deepen customer engagement, increase your profitability, and create new revenue streams. With CSP, you can combine high-margin service offerings with Microsoft cloud products.

Learn more in an upcoming partner webcast

Sign up for a webcast in March or April to learn how you can provide your customers with low-cost, high value devices - without sacrificing your profitability.

Topics we'll cover

  • New featured business devices under $300, like the new HP ProBook 430 G4, Acer Swift, and others
  • How Windows 10 Pro compares to Chrome OS on productivity, security, and compatibility with third-party applications
  • How Windows 10 Pro with Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) allows you to create new revenue streams, increase profitability, and deepen your customer engagement
  • Resources to help you identify, enable, and close deals with your customers


Windows 10 Pro vs. Chrome training

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