Application Development Partners: Introduction to Azure Media Services

Jonathan Gardner, Technology Solutions Professional, Application Development

In discussions with partners that have a cloud application development practice, I often talk about adding intelligence and advanced Microsoft Azure services into the applications partners build for customers. One of the services that partners often overlook is Azure Media Services, cloud services for premium video workflows. Our January 2017 topic for Application Development partners is Azure Media Services. In this post, I'll provide you with an overview, ideas for how to use them in your applications, and resources so you can get started.

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Overview of Azure Media Services

Azure Media Services enables end-to-end workflows for media - from encoding, storage, and analytics to streaming delivery and license services. The entire workflow is REST API driven, enabling the use of both native Azure Media Services and third-party services in a workflow. This integration allows for scenarios where a third-party encoder might be used, and then the asset may be uploaded, protected, and then delivered using Media Services. The image below outlines an example Media Services workflow.

Media Services and cloud application development

If you're interested in using Media Services in your applications, take a look at the tools in Media Analytics to see ways to add value. For example, if an application uses streaming video over long periods of time, motion detection could trigger an alert. While the first implication would be in a security video scenario, Media Services can set up (x,y) detection zones. This means that you could have a monitor on a factory floor that is always in motion, and trigger an alert when something happens outside of the area of normal motion. Another analytics tool, video summarization, could be added to an application to help create thumbnails or shorter versions of large video libraries for consumption on mobile devices where data consumption may be a concern.

Protecting media content

Every conversation about the cloud must include a discussion about security. Media Services is capable of delivering 128-bit AES encryption or any of the major DRMs (Microsoft PlayReady, Google Widevine, and Apple FairPlay) on demand. It also supports the delivery of licenses to authorized clients trough its license delivery service. The image below visualizes the dynamic encryption workflow.

Visit the Microsoft Trust Center for details about data and storage security in Azure

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When looking at Media Services as an option for your application, you may wonder whether it can scale to handle a heavy load. The best example I know of that demonstrates Azure Media Services capabilities is the Rio 2016 Summer Games for NBC Olympics, with more than 3 billion minutes streamed, and more than 50 simultaneous events covered, using Microsoft Azure, including Media Services.

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Resources for Azure Media Services

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