Partner Spotlight: DocuSign and Special Olympics

The Partner Spotlight video series showcases customer stories about how Microsoft US partners are empowering them to achieve more through Microsoft-based solutions and meet their goals for digital transformation. In each video, a customer shares how a partner solution helps them better serve clients, communities, and constituents.

Special Olympics uses sports to provide inclusion for people with intellectual disabilities in 170 countries around the world. A solution from Microsoft partner, DocuSign, that utilizes Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft SharePoint, and Microsoft Azure allows Special Olympics to manage all of the necessary forms athletes need to compete digitally allowing for virtual signatures, making the athlete experience simple and streamlined.

"Paper holds us back," says Noah Broadwater, CTO of Special Olympics International. "It really became obvious that we could streamline this process, managing the forms digitally allowing for virtual signatures. Now, gathering their signatures can be just a simple few clicks on a mobile device or on tablet or a computer. Microsoft Azure allows a solution like this to scale and be accessible from anywhere. It makes the athlete experience very simple."

Brad Brooks, CMO of DocuSign, explains how partnering with Microsoft is helping them change the status quo: “There could not be a better partner relationship than what DocuSign has with Microsoft today. We partner at every level. We are on a mission to get paper out of business and to disrupt something that has been the standard for how people do things for the last 3,000 years."

Partner Spotlight: DocuSign and Special Olympics

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