Use Xamarin and Microsoft Azure to become a mobile disruptor

Sharon Lee - US ISV and App Builder Community Lead

We are living in a fourth industrial revolution, a digital one that is characterized by the proliferation of mobile applications. Gartner indicates that by the end of 2017, market demand for mobile application development services will grow at least five times faster than the capacity for internal IT organizations to deliver them. (Gartner, 2015)

This revolution presents two significant partner opportunities:

  1. There is a ballooning effect of applications within organizations. In a survey by Xamarin of the companies they work with, 20% of customers have Mobile app usage at orgsat least 12 applications that they use daily within their organizations, and 5% have over 50 applications. Considering an iterative development lifecycle process that drives speed and quality, more apps created lead to more revenue generated for integration partners.
  2. There is a burgeoning trend of collaboration and outsourcing within corporations. This year, companies are expected to spend almost $18 billion in outsourced development of mobile applications (Forrester, 2015). For partners doing integration and software development in mobile, this represents a tremendous market.

Xamarin and Microsoft Azure let you develop, test, build, distribute, and monitor mobile applications with speed and quality. In the Xamarin Microsoft DevOps approach, partners get to write the entire app in C# and .NET, receive 100% access to native APIs, access a shared C# code base, and benefit from unified app development and an increase in developer productivity.

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Microsoft partners with an Action Pack subscription or a competency have access to Xamarin as part of their internal use cloud and software benefits.

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In the ISV and App Builder Community call on November 3, I'll be joined by Erik Polzin, Microsoft Director of Partner Sales and Alliances, for a discussion about using Xamarin and Azure to build mobile applications.

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Are you a partner that is using Xamarin to create mobile apps? I want to hear from you and perhaps feature your mobile application on the November 3 community call. Email me at, and connect with me on Twitter (@whatsup_sharon), LinkedIn, and Yammer.

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