Partner Spotlight: Adafruit and the Maker movement

In the maker community, creativity and the do-it-yourself culture intersect with technology and the hacker culture. In 2014, Microsoft rolled out the Windows Developer program for IoT, embracing the principle of openness that is core to the Maker movement. Since then, the Windows IoT section of the Windows Dev Center has continued to showcase the possibilities for makers with Microsoft technology. Raspberry Pi, one of the Maker community’s favorite platforms because of its highly-capable, low-cost modules, is part of a Starter Kit for Windows 10 IoT Core, and there are Microsoft development tools, services, and resources available to makers who want to explore the opportunity.

Microsoft partner, Adafruit, creates unique and fun do-it-yourself electronics and kits. "My mission, which is also the mission of Adafruit, is to show everybody in the world how fun and creative it is to be an engineer," said Limor Fried, also known as Ladyada, Founder and CEO of Adafruit Industries. The Raspberry Pi Foundation and Microsoft partnered with Adafruit to create a Raspberry Pi kit for Windows 10. The pack includes compatible components, sensors, and parts, and provides starter projects that help you understand the basics of different IoT technologies.

Fried is already excited about the potential that Microsoft offers to create a more widespread maker community. She said, "I'd like to do a lot more with Microsoft. We've got millions of Microsoft developers. Let's get them doing open source software, open source hardware, and be part of this maker community." Limor was recognized by the White House as a Champion of Change for Making earlier this year.

Partner Spotlight: Adafruit

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