Partner success stories: Building a cloud ready business

Sharon Lee - US ISV and App Builder Community Lead

Earlier this year, at WPC 2016 in Toronto, we presented the Cloud Ready Business Toolkit in one of our US-led sessions, and provided attendees with guidance about how partners can transform into a cloud solutions provider by incorporating managed services, building and packaging IP, and partnering with ISVs.

In this post, I would like to turn the spotlight on three partners that participated in our Cloud Ready program, and that have successfully transformed their partner business over the last 100 days.

Attaining a silver cloud competency within 60 days

Real Impact Technology Consulting is a hybrid on-premises managed services provider (MSP) and cloud solutions provider that serves small businesses and non-profit organizations. Taking our Cloud Ready assessment helped them realize that while they had strong technical skills, they needed a compelling point of differentiation in their ability to deploy cloud solutions. This motivated them to acquire the Silver Cloud Productivity competency within 60 days of completing their assessment. Going through the program also pushed them to re-think how they package their service offerings and how to bundle cloud offerings with managed service agreements. As a result, they are now including a cloud solutions management option with every bid - and have since tripled their cloud customer base.

Developing and selling unique IP

Intivix was a traditional MSP that developed its own cloud-based file access product, MyWorkDrive. As an on-premises MSP, Intivix faced the challenges of scaling its business and transforming its sales force to meet the needs of cloud-based customers. Through the Cloud Ready program, they learned how to identify new monthly recurring revenue streams and upsell opportunities, and how to create compelling partner incentives for MyWorkDrive. Shortly after presenting with me WPC 2016, the Intivix team presented MyWorkDrive to a large group of MSPs. After that presentation, they signed up almost 40 new partners.

Watch Intivix in the Cloud Ready session at WPC 2016

Gaining visibility with customers and Microsoft

QUADROtech was a tele managed Microsoft partner at the time they joined the Cloud Ready program. Taking the Cloud Ready assessment provided QUADROtech's leadership team with a clear view about where they needed to strengthen their business. As a result, they were able to focus their efforts on areas such as competency attainment and customer incentives. Over the last 100 days, QUADROtech has compiled an impressive list of achievements, among them 19 net-new Microsoft Azure customer wins, attaining the Silver Cloud Platform Competency, liberating over 670 TBs of data from on-premises silos to Office 365, acquiring a cloud-based Office 365 provider to increase their managed services portfolio. These results helped them gain visibility within Microsoft, and they are now a Microsoft National Solution Provider.

Learn more about how QUADROtech built a successful Microsoft practice

How you can get started with our cloud ready resources

Take advantage of the Cloud Ready Business Toolkit - start your journey by taking the assessment and getting your cloud ready report card. And, explore the partner profitability resources we offer, like the Modern Microsoft Partner eBooks, which take you through the pillars that contribute to building a successful, profitable cloud business, and profitability scenarios that provide you with specifics about service offerings across business models.

I am always interested in hearing how partners are utilizing our profitability resources - share your plans for your #cloudready business with me by email at, Twitter (@whatsup_sharon), LinkedIn, and Yammer.

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