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As announced at Microsoft Ignite 2016, Delve Analytics is now Microsoft MyAnalytics. We’ll focus on this topic in the Office 365 and Voice Partner Community during the month of October, and go in-depth with MyAnalytics during our October 6 community call and in blog posts published throughout the month. Our discussion will center on personal and team analytics, and future partner opportunities with workplace analytics.

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Introducing Microsoft MyAnalytics

Microsoft MyAnalytics reinvents productivity through individual empowerment by providing you insight into two of the most important factors in personal productivity – how you spend your time, and who you spend it with. There is a rich, interactive dashboard that provides insights into metrics like reach, influence, and work-life balance. MyAnalytics is for everyone in the organization, with individual analytics that offer insights about your worklife, like email reach and meeting focus.



We started our journey with the Office Graph last year when we showed how MyAnalytics becomes a personal tool that allows information to come to you. The next stage for us is delivering further on personal and organizational analytics. To do that we are automating the discovery of insights within the Office 365 service, which processes millions of interactions each day. Now, we can take that data and personalize it to what matters most to you and your organization.

MyAnalytics uses big data and behavioral analytics to reveal how activities drive business outcome. It helps you understand time management, business efficiency, and organizational collaboration patterns. Everyone in an organization, from individual employees to team leaders and managers, can use MyAnalytics to analyze their data, monitor patterns, and find ways to prioritize their time and work more effectively. The video below demonstrates and explains how activity data is used to create personal reports for how you’re spending your time.

Watch this video online

Set up a Microsoft MyAnalytics demo

Microsoft MyAnalytics (Delve Analytics) is available in Office 365 Enterprise E5. Try it yourself – and demo it for customers – on the Microsoft Demos website.

  • Sign in to Microsoft Demos with your MPN credentials
  • Select Tenants > Create > Quick Tenant > Standard Office 365 Demo Content > Next > Next
  • To get the demo script, go to My Demo Resources > Create A New Demo > Filter Tenants on "Delve Analytics" and add the "Delve Personal Analytics Demo Module" > Create Demo

Microsoft Demos website

Get ready for what’s next

Partners with Office 365 practices should familiarize themselves with the capabilities in MyAnalytics, and help customers understand how they can use it to empower their employees – one of the four dimensions of digital transformation. On the October 6 community call, we’ll discuss personal and team analytics, and future partner opportunities with workplace analytics. And, there will be more news during Ignite 2016 that I’ll share in upcoming blog posts and in the Yammer group.

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