MPN 101: Know your support options

Chinmayi Bhavanishankar - US Partner Experience Lead

“Customers first” is the mantra of any successful business, and as Microsoft partners, you are the connection between customers and Microsoft. The Microsoft Partner Network offers support benefits and paid support options to help you delight your customers with the Microsoft-based solutions you build, sell, and deliver. Making it easier for you to find and connect with those benefits and options is important to us. Below, I’ve outlined the three main partner support benefits offered in the Microsoft Partner Network.

This is the first of a series of posts that we’ll share here on the US Partner Community blog about partner support. Rami Noujaim from the Partner Services Team will be guest blogging about this topic, explaining MPN Support options and offerings in detail. On October 20, join Rami for a webcast about partner support offerings and technical services benefits.

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Review the core MPN benefits

1. Partner Support Community forums

This is a Microsoft Partner Network membership benefit available to all members: Network members, Action Pack subscribers, and competency partners.

Access unlimited, no-cost technical support from Microsoft engineers as a benefit of your MPN membership. Sign in to the Partner Support Community with your MPN credentials and post your question in the forums. Before posting, though, consider doing a quick search – questions posted in the forums are tagged by category, area, and topic. With thousands of Microsoft partners participating in the forums, chances are good that your question, or a version of it, has already been asked and answered. A quick search may save you valuable time.

Sign in to the Partner Support Community

Top membership and program questions

2. Signature Cloud Support and product support incidents

Product support incidents are available to partners with an Action Pack subscription or an MPN competency. Signature Cloud Support is available to partners with a cloud competency or a hybrid competency.

When you pay for an Action Pack subscription or a competency, you are entitled to a certain number of product support incidents annually to utilize for product-specific technical questions. And, if you have a cloud competency, you get unlimited Signature Cloud Support for the product your cloud competency aligns to. For example, if you have a Cloud Productivity competency, you have unlimited support for Office 365.

Learn more about Signature Cloud Support

Signature Cloud Support Benefit Overview

3. Technical presales and deployment services

This benefit is available to partners with an Action Pack subscription or an MPN competency. It is not available to Network Members.

Microsoft offers partners technical services that scale to meet your needs from starting your practice to selling and deploying your solutions to complex deals. Use your technical presales and deployment services benefit for presales technical consultations from Microsoft experts that will help you pitch your solution to customers, or to get post-sales support for design, development, and deployment.

Learn more about technical presales and deployment services

Microsoft Partner Technical Services videos

How to review and access your company’s MPN Support benefits

The partner support benefits outlined above are available based on your company’s Microsoft Partner Network membership. To see the MPN Support benefits and options that apply to your company, go to the Support for Partners portal page and select “My Support.” From that menu, select “My Benefits and Activities” and sign in with your MPN credentials. In the My Support menu, you’ll also see links for submitting a product support incident, submitting an Advisory Service request, and submitting a benefit or membership issue.

For partners with rapidly growing practices or more complex needs, paid support offerings – Advanced Support for Partners and Premier Support – are also available.

Support for Partners portal page

Compare partner support offerings

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