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Most of us have been in the situation where we need to get around a new, unknown neighborhood or city. The first step to navigating is to get oriented – procure a map, figure out what the big landmarks are, identify the sights we want to see, and plan our next move accordingly. And, even if you’ve been in a neighborhood or city before, change is inevitable, and when re-visiting, you have to re-orient yourself.

Navigating the Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) and your opportunities and options as a Microsoft partner is no different. Our program resources will help you differentiate your business, modernize your sales and marketing, optimize your operations, and deliver customer lifetime value.

Whether the Microsoft partner program is a new experience for you or somewhat familiar but something you want to further explore, the first step is to get oriented. The MPN overview gives you the information you need, providing you with the basics of how the program works and what it offers.

Once you understand the program at a high level, you can figure out where you stand in relation to all that’s offered and decide what makes the most sense for your partner business. Each partner has a unique path, and while we can’t tell you exactly what to do next, we created the MPN overview to explain what resources are available to help you make an informed decision based on your company’s goals.

Here are the three things every partner should know about the Microsoft partner program:

  • Mechanics and membership options
  • Benefits and community
  • Support and resources

Once you’ve got a handle on these, you’ll have the information you need that will help you build and sustain a profitable and successful cloud business as a Microsoft partner.

Ready to get oriented and start exploring? Take the first step and watch our 20-minute Microsoft Partner Network overview video.

Microsoft Partner Network overview video

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