Partner Spotlight: eLynx and SM Energy – making energy management more efficient

The Partner Spotlight video series showcases customer stories about how Microsoft US partners are empowering them to achieve more through Microsoft-based solutions. In each video, a customer shares how a partner solution helps them better serve clients, communities, and constituents.

SM Energy is an upstream oil and gas company that explore, drill, and produce oil and natural gas in the United States. A solution from Microsoft partner, eLynx Technologies, which utilizes Microsoft Azure and the Cortana Intelligence Suite, allows SM Energy to monitor its oil and natural gas wells remotely and use the data it collects for predictive maintenance.

”Before SCADALynx came along, we physically had to visit each location, each day," says Tracy Fair, Production Superintendent at SM Energy. "Not only do we have any and all the information that we could possibly need right at our fingertips, we can sit in the comfort of our office and gather this data at any point in time 25 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365."

Chief Technology Officer of eLynx Technologies, explains the breakthroughs they've made: "Over the last 15 years, we've gathered a very large data set of historical data on these gas and oil wells. With the Cortana Intelligence Suite and Azure, we have the capability of teaching computers to look at the historical events that have occurred and then start predicting possible events in the future."

Partner Spotlight: eLynx and SM Energy

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