It’s time for WPC 2016! How to engage with the US Partner Team

US Partner Team at WPC 2016

We’re here in Toronto for WPC 2016, putting the finishing touches on your US Partner experiences. It’s nearly show time, and we’re excited to meet you, learn about your business, share information that will help you build and sustain a profitable business, and celebrate successes and new possibilities.

If you have questions about or need help with your conference registration, housing, or other logistics, please refer to the WPC FAQ, which includes support contact information.


For conference and US Partner attendee updates leading up to and throughout WPC, follow @wpcus on Twitter.


Share your conference experiences with us! We’d love to see your photos from the lounge, US Partner Celebration, and throughout WPC. Tag @wpcus on Twitter, and tag @msuspartner on Instagram.

Safe travels, and we'll see you in Toronto!

4 essential resources to download for WPC

Activities for all US Partner attendees

Reminder: there are no US-specific sessions or activities on Thursday

Get your US Partner Experience wristband

For entry to the US Partner Celebration on Tuesday night, you’ll need a US Partner Experience wristband. Come by the US Regional Lounge to pick yours up. You can preregister for yours, or register it onsite. Your RFID-enabled wristband enables a variety of experiences in the lounge as well as at the US Partner Celebration. We recommend picking up your wristband on Sunday night or early Monday afternoon.

Participate in the P2P Connection Booth

We’re hosting a partner-to-partner experience, called P2P Connection, so you can find and connect with other partners while at WPC. Film your one-minute pitch about who you are and what your company does. We’ll showcase the videos in our lounge throughout the conference for viewing by other attendees. When your video is selected, we’ll make the introduction so you can connect.

Prepare your P2P pitch in advance, using the prompts below. For best results, stop by on Sunday or Monday to record your video.

  • Introduce yourself: Tell us your name, company name, title, and the city/state your company is located
  • Sell yourself: What is your application trying to solve?
  • Prove yourself: Share an example of a partnership or customer win
  • Close the deal: What partnerships are you looking to form?

US Partner activities by area of interest

Planning tips and session recommendations

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