Come meet us in the US Regional Lounge at WPC 2016!

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The US Regional Lounge is a key part of your US Partner experience at WPC 2016 next week. From Sunday through Wednesday, come by to meet members of the US Partner Team and experts from across the business, to get information about US Partner activities at WPC, and participate in experiences that are designed for getting business done and having a little fun as well.


For real-time updates about US Partner activities during #WPC16, follow @wpcus on Twitter.


Share your conference experiences with us! We’d love to see your photos from the lounge, US Partner Celebration, and throughout WPC. Tag @wpcus on Twitter, and tag @msuspartner on Instagram.

US Regional Lounge hours

The lounge is open during The Commons hours:

  • Sunday, July 10 from 5:00PM–7:00PM*
  • Monday, July 11 from 11:00AM–6:00PM*
  • Tuesday, July 12 from 11:00AM–6:00PM*
  • Wednesday, July 13 from 11:00AM–5:00PM

* US Partner Experience wristbands are available for the US Partner Celebration on Tuesday night. Learn more about the US Partner Celebration

Visit the lounge for these US Partner experiences

Pick up your US Partner Experience wristband

For entry to the US Partner Celebration on Tuesday night, you’ll need a US Partner Experience wristband. Come by the US Regional Lounge to pick yours up. You can preregister for yours, or register it onsite. Your RFID-enabled wristband enables a variety of experiences in the lounge as well as at the US Partner Celebration.

We recommend picking up your wristband on Sunday night or early Monday afternoon

Accelerate your business with Windows 10

The US Windows 10 team is our US Regional Lounge sponsor. Stop by to get a coffee, pick up some Windows 10 swag, and talk to Windows 10 deployment practice-building experts.

Read more about the Windows 10 partner opportunity

P2P Connection booth

We’re hosting a partner-to-partner experience, called P2P Connection, so you can find and connect with other partners while at WPC. Film your one-minute pitch about who you are and what your company does. We’ll showcase the videos in our lounge throughout the conference for viewing by other attendees. When your video is selected, we’ll make the introduction so you can connect.

Prepare your P2P pitch in advance, using the prompts below. For best results, stop by on Sunday or Monday to record your video.

  • Introduce yourself: Tell us your name, company name, title, and the city/state your company is located
  • Sell yourself: What is your application trying to solve?
  • Prove yourself: Share an example of a partnership or customer win
  • Close the deal: What partnerships are you looking to form?

Read the Partner to Partner blog series for more about the value of strategic partnerships

Meet our practice-building and subject-matter experts

Talk to the Partner Technology Strategists

During the US Regional Lounge hours Monday through Wednesday, our Partner Technology Strategists (PTS) will be available to talk about building your practice with Microsoft. If you are interested in building a practice on Microsoft Azure, Office 365, Microsoft Dynamics, data/intelligence/analytics, enterprise mobility, or open source, start a conversation with a PTS in our lounge.

Accelerate your business with Windows 10

During the US Regional Lounge hours Monday through Wednesday, experts from the US Windows 10 team, and PTS’s who are experts in Windows 10 deployment, will be available to discuss building a Windows 10 deployment practice.

Trusted Cloud

Leading the security discussion with your customers can be powerful and persuasive and help you close deals. Meet members of our Corporate and External Legal Affairs (CELA) team to learn more about how to answer your customers’ questions about security and privacy in the Microsoft Cloud.

  • Monday: 3:00PM–5:00PM
  • Tuesday: 1:00PM–3:00PM
  • Wednesday: 3:00PM–5:00PM

Learn more about the Trusted Cloud conversation

Partner Incentives

Learn about this year’s partner incentives from our US experts, who will be available to answer your questions and direct you to resources during the days/hours listed below.

  • Monday: 1:00PM–3:00PM
  • Tuesday: 11:00AM–1:00PM
  • Wednesday: 11:00AM–3:00PM

SMB Partner Insider community

Find out how you can sign up to be an SMB Partner Insider to receive regular information and updates about sales, marketing, and technical resources for building a Microsoft partner business that serves SMB customers.

  • Monday: 11:00AM–1:00PM
  • Wednesday: 1:00PM–3:00PM

Learn more about US SMB Partner activities at WPC

Connect with US Distributors at WPC

Cloud Ready consultations

Is your business cloud ready? Take the Cloud Ready Assessment at, then bring your report card to the US Regional Lounge and meet one of our #cloudready consultants.

  • Monday: 11:30AM–12:30PM and 3:00PM–4:30PM
  • Tuesday: 11:30AM–12:30PM and 2:30PM–3:30PM
  • Wednesday: 11:00AM–12:00PM

Add session US04, Building a #cloudready business, to your schedule in Connect

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