Cloud productivity and Office 365 sessions at WPC 2016


If you’re attending WPC 2016, and interested in learning more about building a profitable practice around Office 365, I’ve curated a list of sessions that you should consider adding to your Session Schedule in Connect.

These session recommendations include topics like profitability, new Office 365 opportunities, best practices for successful partnerships, and the Microsoft Customer Immersion Experience.

You can meet the Partner Technology Strategists on the US Partner Team, who will be staffing the US Regional Lounge on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday from 11:00AM–5:00PM. Look for more information about the US Regional Lounge in the US Partner’s Guide to WPC 2016(coming June 27).

We look forward to seeing you at WPC 2016! Follow @wpcus on Twitter for real-time updates leading up to and during the conference.

Modern, profitable cloud partner sessions

Helping you build a profitable, sustainable cloud business with Microsoft will be a theme throughout the content delivered during WPC 2016. I encourage you to add the modern, profitable cloud partner sessions to your Session Schedule in Connect. These sessions are based on the Modern Microsoft Partner eBook series that we have been releasing over the past few months.

Each of the below sessions will be offered twice, once on Monday and once on Wednesday.

See the dates/times and add them to your Session Schedule

  • PP01 Differentiate to stand out and modernize your sales and marketing
  • PP02 Optimize your operations and deliver customer lifetime value

New Office 365 opportunities

Executive-led sessions

Workshop sessions

Microsoft Flow and Microsoft PowerApps were discussed in the Future of SharePoint event in May (available on demand). These workshop sessions are an opportunity for you to learn more about their potential in your practice.

Theater sessions

Carrying on the Future of SharePoint theme, these short (30-minute) sessions in the Office Booth Theater are each being offered on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

Customer Immersion Experience sessions

Attend one of the immersion sessions about selling the value of Office 365 using the Customer Immersion Experience, offered several times on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

Partner-to-Partner sessions

The enterprise value that is available in the Office 365 E5 suite has significantly expanded the Office 365 partner opportunity. Not every partner has expertise across all of the capabilities in E5, and that may mean that join partnerships and customer engagements are necessary to light up all of the capabilities. Selling Voice or eDiscovery, for example, requires specialized tools and deep industry expertise early in the sales process.

At WPC 2016, attend the Partner-to-Partner sessions and learn why developing the right partnerships is an important part of your business, and how they can help you achieve your business goals. These sessions will help you evaluate your status, provide you with best practices and tools, and help you make the right connections.

You can explore more cloud productivity sessions at WPC 2016 in the Session Catalog (filter Competency for Cloud Productivity) if you aren’t yet registered, and in the Session Scheduler in Connect if you are a registered attendee.

Even with all of this great, valuable content, be sure you also leave yourself time to make connections with other partners and with Microsoft. Plan to explore The Commons and expo floor, and don’t forget to join the US Partner Team on Tuesday afternoon for the MSNA General Session at 4:00PM and the US Partner Celebration on Tuesday night from 7:00PM–11:00PM.

My favorite part of WPC is the opportunity to meet with all of you so please be sure to come by the US Regional Lounge and say hello!


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