Data platform, intelligence, and analytics sessions at WPC 2016

Sadalit Van Buren Partner Technology Strategist

If you’re a partner with an advanced analytics practice, are working with customers on BI and analytics projects, or interested in predictive analytics scenarios, we’ve curated a list of WPC 2016 sessions that you should consider adding to your Session Schedule in Connect.

We looked for sessions that included coverage of our products SQL Server 2016, Power BI, and Cortana Intelligence Suite; conceptual areas like big data, data warehousing, and the Internet of Things; competitive positioning; and sales tools such as the Cloud Platform Immersion program. The sessions listed below link to Connect so that you can easily add them to your schedule.

If you’re interested in meeting the Partner Technology Strategists on the US Partner Team, we will be staffing the US Regional Lounge on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday from 11:00AM–5:00PM. Look for more information about the US Regional Lounge in the US Partner’s Guide to WPC 2016 (coming June 27).

We look forward to seeing you at WPC 2016! Follow @wpcus on Twitter for real-time updates leading up to and during the conference.

General sessions

CE301 Driving data: The amazing SQL Server 2016 business opportunity

US01 Microsoft North America: Empowering customers to transform their businesses, together

Cloud Platform Immersion program sessions

CE901i Drive demand and accelerate sales with the Microsoft Cloud Platform Immersion program

CE903i Grow your data platform and analytics sales practice with the Microsoft Cloud Platform Immersion program

Breakout sessions

CE100 Grow and transform your business with business applications, analytics, BI, and IoT

CE113 Grow your Microsoft Dynamics CRM business with analytics and intelligence

CE123 Expand your cloud business with Microsoft Enterprise ERP + Azure IoT Suite + Cortana Intelligence Suite + Power BI

CE161 Create the Internet of Your Things: Microsoft vision for IoT

CE183 Discover and win new customer opportunities in the changing world with modern business intelligence from Microsoft

CE184 Embed visual analytics in your applications with Microsoft Power BI to win new customers and differentiate in the market

CE185 Selling business intelligence and analytics industry solutions with Microsoft

CE321 Drive revenue with the new customer maturity model for big data, data warehousing, and analytics

CE701 Delivering intelligent applications with unparalleled performance using Microsoft SQL Server 2016

CMP04 Competing in a world of decisions where data is the new electricity

HMSP03 Selling SQL: Grow your SQL business with SQL offers and programs for hosting partners

MSIT03 The power of predictive analytics: How Microsoft IT is using data analytics to improve sales, marketing, and finance

Industry-focused sessions

PS07 Winning a bigger share of the health analytics market

PS08 Capture your share of the learning analytics trend: Building business opportunities across the student lifecycle

PS09 Transitioning public safety and national security customers to the cloud

Theater sessions

CE125t Driving Microsoft Dynamics AX business through Power BI integration

CE126t Making Microsoft Dynamics AX solutions more intelligent with Cortana Intelligence Suite

CE186t Adding intelligence to your LOB applications using Power BI Embedded

CE187t Business analytics in action using Microsoft Power BI, SQL Server 2016 BI, and Cortana Intelligence


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