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Top stories

First-time attendee at WPC 2016? Tips for planning your best conference

If WPC 2016 will be your first Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference, follow our tips for planning so that you can make the most of your attendee investment. US Partner Experience lead Chinmayi Bhavanishankar explains what you can expect.

US Public Sector Town Hall at WPC 2016

Join the US Public Sector team at WPC 2016 for a Town Hall meeting, where you’ll hear from leaders for both Microsoft Public Sector and the Microsoft US Partner Team. They will discuss sales strategy, market priorities, and partnering opportunities in Education, Federal Government, State and Local Government, and Health and Life Sciences. In our post, you’ll also find information about the Worldwide Public Sector sessions and the Public Sector Lounge at WPC 2016.  

WPC 2016 Sessions for US Partners to help you engage with us in the year ahead

Sessions that will share the US Partner Team’s business priorities, initiatives, and programs for the coming year will be delivered the afternoon of Tuesday, July 12 during the 1:00PM and 2:30PM sessions (they will be repeated on Wednesday afternoon), followed by the Microsoft North America General Session with Judson Althoff from 4:00PM–5:30PM. Then, later that evening, join us for the US Partner Celebration at Sound Academy from 7:00PM–11:00PM.

What to know about the MPN cloud competencies

With the recent announcement about retiring several of the MPN competencies so we can better focus on your success with cloud, you may need a refresher on the five cloud competencies that demonstrate partner expertise with Microsoft Azure, Office 365, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, and Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite. Review our blog post about getting started with the cloud competencies.

The value of building and nurturing successful partnerships

If your company is a member of the Microsoft Partner Network, you have access to a powerful asset that can be used for business growth, competitive advantage, and increased profitability. A new blog series explores how different partner business models are working together to benefit customers, and finding that there are benefits to their businesses as well.

New opportunities to get involved in the Data & Analytics Partner Community

New technologies and capabilities from Microsoft will take data-driven solutions beyond analytics, and will include built-in intelligence that augments an organization’s capabilities in exciting new ways. Resulting from these new products, technologies, and capabilities is a significant amount of new opportunity for partners in the data platform, advanced analytics, and business intelligence space. To help partners build new or expand existing practices that capitalize on that opportunity, we’re expanding our Data & Analytics Partner Community.

Optimize your operations: How to build an operationally sound cloud business

The latest eBook in the Modern Microsoft Partner series is now available for download. “Optimize your operations” is the third pillar of the modern partner, and explains how successful cloud partners are finding efficiencies for people management and building process, repeatability, and automation into their delivery engines.

Use these online tools to manage your MPN membership

You’ve asked us to simplify how you work with Microsoft, and we’ve just completed a refresh of the partner portal to help make managing your MPN membership easier. Start with the Essentials page (also called the Quick start guide) to find the most common partner tasks and frequently requested links. From there, you can get to Incentives and Your Accounts and Reports (you’ll need to sign in for access to these), and you can view a more comprehensive membership guide as well.

Four ways to build your Windows business with the Microsoft Partner Network

Demand for Windows 10 and cloud solutions continues to grow, and recent investments will help you take advantage of that demand. The opportunity spans services, applications, and devices. Find out what’s new, and don’t forget that the free upgrade offer to Windows 10 ends in just a few weeks, on July 29.

How to turn your ideas into profitable IP

Intellectual property (IP) is most often associated with ISVs, but the fact is that solution providers of any type can create and package up their IP for commercial sale or to accelerate professional services and managed services engagements. IP can also be methodologies and best practices that engineers follow to offer services more efficiently. Partner profitability expert Brent Combest offers three IP development strategies that will help you identify what you already have in-house that could be packaged up for a repeatable and profitable IP solution.


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