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Your WPC 2016 attendee update at T-5 weeks

With just a few weeks to go until WPC 2016 in Toronto, it’s time to start building your schedule of sessions, meetings, events, and activities. In WPC Connect, you can also use the attendee search feature and the discussion groups to identify new connections for potential strategic partnerships.

US Partner Community events and activities at WPC 2016

Connect with the Microsoft US Partner Team at WPC 2016. We’re planning amazing experiences for you in the United States Regional Lounge, US-specific sessions and the Microsoft North America General Session, and the US Partner Celebration.

Partnering for success: ISV and channel-based MSP partners

Building and nurturing strategic partnerships should be part of every partner’s business plan. If your company is a Managed Service Provider (MSP) or Independent Software Vendor (ISV), learn about the success of Microsoft partners QUADROtech and Insentra in establishing a relationship and working together to meet customer needs for Office 365 migration services.

Create your cloud offering and get started with the Cloud Solution Provider program today

Customers are looking for a more comprehensive and collaborative relationship with their service provider. Through the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program, you maintain account control for your Microsoft cloud customers. You create a cloud offering that provides a unique, end-to-end solution by packaging up your own tools, products, and services, and combining them into one monthly or annual customer bill. In addition, you provide technical support to your customers as part of your solution.

June 13: Windows Partner Community call

Join Partner Technology Strategist and Windows expert, Steve Adams, for the next Windows Partner Community call. Topics include the Windows 10 free upgrade offer that expires July 29, a technical discussion with Michael Niehaus about Windows 10 Long Term Servicing branches, and an updated about the new Windows and Devices competency for MPN members.

Internal Use Rights cloud and software benefits update

Get firsthand knowledge of Microsoft product features and capabilities with Internal Use Rights cloud services and on-premises software, available to partners with a Microsoft Action Pack subscription or MPN competency. Combine online services with on-premises software licenses to implement solutions for productivity, demonstration, development, testing, and internal training purposes.

Marketing fundamentals for ISV and Application Builder partners

Changing buyer behaviors means marketing is a necessary and critical function for your business. Having a strong digital presence will help you capture the mindshare of modern cloud customers, who are most likely doing a significant amount of online research to make their technology decisions before they approach and talk to a company about the final sale. Find out about five marketing fundamentals every developer partner should have in its strategy.

Encourage customer confidence in the Microsoft Cloud

Microsoft US Channel Chief, Stephen Boyle, talks about the importance for partners to understand the Microsoft approach to security and lead the discussion about it with customers. As you work with your customers on their digital transformation and encourage them to embrace cloud and hybrid solutions, be prepared to answer their questions and concerns about the privacy and security of their data. Leading this discussion with your customers can be powerful and persuasive, and help you close cloud sales faster.

Earn MPN cloud competency credit with Partner Association

Even if you’re not a customer’s Digital Partner of Record, you can now earn credit toward an MPN cloud competency. Digital Partner of Record will remain the path to qualify for incentives. Cloud performance requirements can be met based on your customers’ usage and consumption data from other sources.

Roadmaps for Windows for Business, Office 365, the Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Find out what’s available, what’s rolling out, and what’s in development for Windows for Business, Office 365, the Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

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