What’s new for US partners the week of May 9, 2016

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Top stories

Marketing fundamentals for ISV and Application Builder partners

Changing buyer behaviors means marketing is a necessary and critical function for your business. Having a strong digital presence will help you capture the mindshare of modern cloud customers, who are most likely doing a significant amount of online research to make their technology decisions before they approach and talk to a company about the final sale. Find out about five marketing fundamentals every developer partner should have in its strategy.

How to turn your ideas into profitable IP

Intellectual property (IP) is most often associated with ISVs, but the fact is that solution providers of any type can create and package up their IP for commercial sale or to accelerate professional services and managed services engagements. IP can also be methodologies and best practices that engineers follow to offer services more efficiently. Partner profitability expert Brent Combest offers three IP development strategies that will help you identify what you already have in-house that could be packaged up for a repeatable and profitable IP solution.

Help your customers take advantage of the free upgrade to Windows 10

The Windows 10 free upgrade offer ends July 29. If your customer is asking you about the best way for them to upgrade, the answer depends on variables in their environment such as size, geographic disparity, and supporting infrastructure and resources. Find out what the options are and how to help your customers decide on their upgrade approach.

This week: Microsoft and Red Hat partnership events in New York on May 11 and Seattle on May 12

The Microsoft and Red Hat partnership opens up limitless possibilities of the cloud, providing customers with greater flexibility and choice, and extending new opportunities to partners. Attend one of our US events that’s being held in New York on May 11, Seattle on May 12, Dallas on May 17, Washington DC on May 17, and Chicago on May 24. If you can’t make it to one of these cities, register for the virtual event on May 17.

What to know about enterprise security for the mobile-first, cloud-first world

Innovations in Windows 10, Office 365, Microsoft Azure, and Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite work with each other, and with other partner solutions from across the security ecosystem, to provide a holistic, agile, and secure platform. Use our resources to become acquainted with the pillars and principles behind the Microsoft commitment to deliver the Microsoft Cloud your customers can trust.

May 11 and 12: Watch Microsoft Cloud and Hosting Summit keynote sessions live online

Gather your team and watch the Microsoft Cloud and Hosting Summit keynotes live online. This year’s theme is “Empowering digital transformation,” and executive speakers like Aziz Benmalek, Kirk Koenigsbauer, and Mark Russinovich will talk about how you can build new services, introduce innovation, and create new business opportunities.

Morning Broadcasts for SMB partners in May

Sign up for the Morning Broadcasts scheduled for May and boost your digital marketing and sales approach. The Marketing activation series on May 10, 17, and 24 will help you build a website that attracts the right customers and prospects, and the Project LeadGen call on May 20 will introduce you to a new sales and marketing training program that can lead to generating more Office 365 leads.

Empowering enterprise mobility resources for the Azure Partner Community

Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) is the fastest growing product in the history of Microsoft. When paired with Office 365, EMS delivers an empowering work environment for users that protects corporate assets. As users continue to be more mobile, use more devices, and use more cloud apps, the enterprise mobility management market is changing. For partners, the opportunity is significant. In our blog series, US experts explain how to build your enterprise mobility practice and expertise with each of the components in Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite.

New opportunities for developers with Office

“In terms of reach, Office is one of the few platforms in the world that provides developers with access to over a billion users across a variety of devices,” says Qi Lu, executive vice president of the Applications and Services Group. The opportunity to develop on the Office platform and build smarter apps as well as native solutions is significant. For partners in the Cloud Solution Provider program that are primarily focused on Office 365, IP services you develop on the Office platform could be included in your cloud offering that provides a unique, end-to-end solution.

Microsoft Partner Network Competency Value Packs let you save on cloud and data-related competency exams

Take advantage of specially priced Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) Competency Value Packs to meet the competency requirements for your business. Each pack contains a voucher for one team member to use toward up to three exams in your chosen competency (with up to 15 total attempts). Value packs are available through September 30, and vouchers must be redeemed by October 31.

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