Azure Partner Community: Opportunity economics and steps to build your enterprise mobility practice

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 by Nick Johnson, PMP

US Partner Technology Strategist

In my previous blog post, I introduced the Empowering enterprise mobility series of Azure Partner Community blog posts and community calls. Over the next few weeks, we’ll look at the partner opportunity with enterprise mobility, and specifically at Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS). Our goal is to help you accelerate the growth of your enterprise mobility practice. In the weeks ahead, we’ll go in-depth about the technical aspects of EMS and the products it comprises, as well as guidance for effective demos.

Today, let’s take a look at the business opportunity and the first steps in building a profitable practice around Enterprise Mobility Suite.

Your business opportunity

By helping your customers enable a modern mobility management solution, you can establish your trusted advisor status and create additional revenue opportunities for your business. Specific to EMS, based on discussions with partners that have successful enterprise mobility practices, we’ve identified the top partner services for the Project Services, Managed Services, and unique IP (Intellectual Property) business models. The image below shows the economics for each business model. This slide is part of a larger presentation with more detailed findings about the Microsoft enterprise mobility opportunity for partners. Download the presentation

If you have not taken advantage of our partner profitability resources, relevant to EMS as well as the other Microsoft cloud offerings, start with the recent blog post from US Channel Chief, Stephen Boyle, that outlines new information and materials to help you build a sustainable, profitable, cloud business.



Explore the business opportunity

There is a webcast series for partners interested in building or accelerating their Microsoft enterprise mobility practice. The series looks at the business opportunity, the economics, EMS through the Cloud Solution Provider program, and more. Below, I’ve recommended two episodes you can watch on demand that I think are particularly valuable for any partner building an EMS practice. Register here for upcoming webcasts in March and April, and watch previous webcasts on demand.

Establish your practice and offering

Establishing a new practice involves many things. Some focus on enabling your team members. Some focus on the business and offering planning. To help you get started with business and offering planning, I recommend these resources

Some things to consider in establishing your practice and offering: What solutions will you bring to market? Will the solution be based around Project Services, Managed Services, or unique IP? Will you take advantage of Microsoft programs like Fast Track for EMS and Proofs of Concept? Will you work toward attaining the Enterprise Mobility Management competency?

Resources for your sales and marketing team


Sales and marketing content

Coming up in this blog series

The next several posts in this series will focus on considerations for building your technical team. We’ll take a look at Azure Active Directory, Microsoft Intune, Microsoft Azure Rights Management, Azure RemoteApp, and Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics. You’ll be able to see all of the blog posts in the series by selecting Enterprise mobility at the top of this blog.

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