Our commitment to you begins with a renewed focus on enablement


Stephen Boyle
Vice President, Microsoft US Partner Group

To increase our focus on customers, achieve our transformational cloud goals, and deliver the needed partner capacity in the US market, the Microsoft US Partner Team requires more agility, supported by a partner enablement strategy. To accomplish this, we have established a new organization that will optimize our partner-facing resources to increase scale, help to build the partner capabilities and specialization that are needed to innovate today and into the future, and empower customers to achieve more.

This new organization within the Microsoft US Partner Group, called Partner Enablement, has the charter of expanding partner capabilities across Microsoft products and technologies, aligned to the three interlocking ambitions Microsoft has set forth: Reinvent productivity and business processes; Build the intelligent cloud; and Create more personal computing. The efforts of this team will help us implement a strategy with clear accountability to our partners in achieving our collective revenue. We anticipate greater flexibility in how we align talent and investments to deepen specialization and deliver efficiency in response to a rapidly changing marketplace where consumers are more connected, more informed, and have higher expectations than ever.

The resources I outlined previously that will help you move your partner business ahead with Microsoft are at the heart of our partner enablement engine. This engine is fueled by dedicated, talented Microsoft employees who are passionate about partners and who will have the responsibility of providing you with opportunities for learning and community connection.

Partners remain core to the success of Microsoft. Our commitment to each of you begins with working to enable your success. The new Partner Enablement organization within the US Partner Team is a first step in delivering against that commitment. Expect to see more over the coming months, leading up to and throughout the 2016 Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Thank you for being a Microsoft partner.

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