What’s new for US partners – Friday, January 15, 2016

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Top stories

Digital Partner of Record and more: getting recognized for the work you do

Digital Partner of Record opens the door to competencies and benefits, provides visibility into your cloud business, and gives you information
and insights to help you optimize customers’ solutions and usage. In response to your feedback, we’re optimizing the Digital Partner of Record (DPOR) process and introducing different ways to measure and recognize the work of multiple partners on a single subscription.

Tips for renewing your Microsoft competency

Renewing an existing competency or attaining a new competency takes planning and forethought. Even if your next anniversary date is several weeks or even months away, considering a few things now, and taking a few minutes to prepare, will help smooth out the process.

January 20 – New Partner Orientation call

On this call, we’ll take you through the MPN 101 presentation for a program overview, an explanation of key benefits, and information about how to obtain support and stay informed. We also answer questions from attendees.

The Microsoft Action Pack helps power your business by empowering your team

The Action Pack is a yearly subscription for partners that want to build a Microsoft cloud practice. It offers benefits and opportunities that include Microsoft software and cloud services for internal use, access to world-class developer tools, training on core Microsoft technologies, and more.

January 21 – Azure Partner Community call

Join the our US Azure experts for a conversation about Cortana Analytics Suite and the new Microsoft R Server. Guest expert Alan Herrera will join Nick Johnson, Jonathan Gardner, and Frank Campise to talk about the big data and analytics opportunities for partners.

Welcome to the future of your marketing with ModernBiz

The new, improved ModernBiz platform serves up dynamic marketing assets and resources aligned to common customer business challenges, so you can get to market quicker and attract new customers. Use the pre-made, tailored content in ModernBiz to identify customer challenges, overcome those obstacles, and communicate your solutions and expertise to prospects.

Resources for building and sustaining profitability in your partner business

Public IT cloud services spending reached US$47.4 billion in 2013 and is expected reach over US$127 billion by 2018, according to a recent IDC study. We have built out a comprehensive library of information and resources for partners to help you understand the opportunities and make the decisions for your business that can help you build and sustain profitability.

SMB Live Roadshow events scheduled for February–April: Office 365 and beyond

Register for an upcoming SMB Live Roadshow event in a US city near you. Choose from one of two events in each city. Build Your Office 365 Practice is for partners new to selling cloud solutions, and Expand Your Office 365 Practice with Microsoft Multi-Cloud Solutions is for partners with established Office 365 practices that want to add other Microsoft cloud solutions like Microsoft Azure, Enterprise Mobility Suite, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, and SQL Server.

February dates and cities for SMB Live

Build Your Office 365 Practice Expand Your Office 365 Practice with Microsoft Multi-Cloud Solutions
February 11 in Bellevue, WA February 12 in Bellevue, WA
February 17 in Tampa, FL February 18 in Tampa, FL
February 17 in Washington, DC February 18 in Washington, DC
February 23 in Boston, MA February 24 in Boston, MA
February 23 in Fort Lauderdale, FL February 24 in Fort Lauderdale, FL
February 23 in Nashville, TN February 24 in Nashville, TN
February 24 in Minneapolis, MN February 25 in Minneapolis, MN


Meet your partner training goals in 2016 with help from the Hot Sheet

Stay on track with your training goals. Refer to the US Partner Community Hot Sheet for a schedule of in-person training and virtual courses, calls, and office hours are available. The current Hot Sheet includes listings into March 2016, and we’ll add new courses as we learn about them.

New Advanced Support for Partners offers cloud support at an accessible price point

With Advanced Support for Partners, you gain access to a variety of cloud-focused services for Microsoft Azure, Office 365, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. Advanced Support for Partners addresses key support requirements for partners building practices on Microsoft Cloud Services by delivering monthly support services in a remote, one-to-many, cost-effective way.

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