New ISV or App Builder? Try the Microsoft Action Pack


Sharon Lee

US ISV and Application Builder partner lead

@whatsup_sharon, LinkedIn, Yammer

Creating a cloud-based application is an iterative and collaborative process that involves brainstorming, programming, beta testing, designing, and marketing. A considerable amount of time, energy, and funds are invested into making an application market-ready.

We want to help you make your big idea a reality, and make the process of creating an application on the Microsoft cloud easier. Whether you are building unique intellectual property that runs on Microsoft Azure, a Universal Windows Platform app, or an Office 365 integrated application, the Microsoft Action Pack gives you the sandbox you need to bring your ideas to life. For $475 a year, the Action Pack subscription provides ISVs and App Builders with a number of benefits to get started. The Action Pack is ideal for ISVs and App Builders that are new to the Microsoft Partner Network.

Here are three benefits in the Action Pack that I think are most valuable to you:

  1. Internal Use Rights cloud and software benefit. Get access to Microsoft Azure, Windows 10 Enterprise, Office 365, the Enterprise Mobility Suite, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, and other Microsoft products and technologies for the purposes of building, testing, and demoing your application. Learn more about the Internal Use Rights benefit
  2. Visual Studio Professional subscriptions. Get access to powerful developer tools such as Visual Studio Professional and Visual Studio Online, as well as services and resources that help you better facilitate team collaboration and analytics feedback to deliver successful software projects. Learn more about Visual Studio Professional and learn more about the partner benefit
  3. Partner advisory hours. Activated after your first cloud sale, you’ll have five advisory hours you can apply to technical training and customized guidance for developing and deploying solutions for your customers. Learn more about partner advisory hours

Ready to develop and market your app with the Action Pack? Visit the Get Started page for ISVs and App Builders to learn more and sign up to receive information and special offers.


While you’re building and testing your amazing app, you’ll want to start preparing to promote it. We can help with that, too. Our new ISV and App Builder marketing website will help you assess your current marketing readiness and needs, then get recommendations for marketing activities tailored to you. We provide quick tutorials, practical, low-cost tips, and introductions to our Marketplace resources. Visit the ISV and App Builder marketing website and check out what’s available.


In the New Year, I’m looking forward to sharing more news and information for US partners in the ISV and App Builder community. I invite you to connect with me about your experiences with the Action Pack, the applications you’re building, and the resources I’ve shared above. You can reach me by email at, as well as on Twitter (@whatsup_sharon), LinkedIn, and Yammer.

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