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by Jonathan Gardner
US Partner Technology Strategist for Microsoft Azure

In this month’s Azure Partner Community blog series, we’ve been talking about business continuity and disaster recovery. The foundation for these is backup. For many people, myself included, the importance of backups is something learned the hard way. I am lucky that these hard lessons have not been learned at work—Azure Backup is a tool I use in my personal backup strategy.

I originally covered Azure Backup about a year ago (read my previous post). In this post, I’ll talk about some of the new features and share current resources for getting started.

New features

What is Azure Backup?
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Azure Backup is a multi-tenanted backup service that uses agents to perform offsite backups from anywhere to the cloud. This may be in the enterprise data center or, for a road warrior, on a laptop. It can be deployed independently or integrated with System Center Data Protection Manager (DPM). Until the latest update, it has provided disk-based backup for files, folders, and DPM-protected VMs. In the latest release, additional workloads are supported through the integration with DPM, including SQL Server, SharePoint, and Exchange.

Moving Virtual Machines from the datacenter to the cloud does not alleviate the need for a good backup and recovery strategy. In this release is support for backing up Azure IaaS VMs, both Windows and Linux, through VM extensions. Azure Backup transfers snapshots taken on a VM to a secure, reliable vault and enables one-click restoration. The backups are policy driven. Watch the video below, Back up Azure IaaS VMs, for more information. 


Spending time changing tapes is a challenge many customers face when they have to deal with long term storage. Azure Backup supports long-term retention of up to 99 years both through the Data Protection Manager client and the Azure Backup client.

Getting started documentation

Getting Started with Azure Backup 1 of 3 – Setup a backup vault on Azure
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Getting Started with Azure Backup 2 of 3 – Prepare your production server for Azure Backup
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Getting Started with Azure Backup 3 of 3 – Start backing up your production server
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