Resources and recommendations for ISVs and Application Builders


Sharon Lee

US ISV and Application Builder partner lead

@whatsup_sharon, LinkedIn, Yammer

Hello, US Partners! I’d like to introduce myself to you as the Microsoft US Partner Group’s lead for ISV partner engagement and community. I started in this role a few months ago at WPC 2015 in Orlando, and have enjoyed the conversations I’ve had so far with many ISV and application builder companies.

Microsoft recognizes that ISVs and application builders have a unique vision of the future. We are eager to partner with you and help you achieve your goals of building a profitable Microsoft practice. I have curated a list of resources offered through the Microsoft Partner Network that will help you get started.

We’re committed to continuing to build out our offerings to meet the needs of ISVs and application builders. I encourage you to check out my recommendations for getting started below!

Microsoft Action Pack subscription

For US$475 a year, you receive benefits that include Microsoft software to test your ideas on Microsoft solutions and platforms, access to Visual Studio Professional and Visual Studio Online, access to training and support for core Microsoft technologies, and more.

Profitability resources

Interested in business growth? Use our comprehensive online guide to find links to train your sales and technical teams, and learn what you need to know as a business owner or practice to maximize profits.

ISV and Application Builder Center

Visit the partner portal to find resources and end-to-end guidance for building applications and taking them to market. We’ve designed it so you can receive guidance no matter what stage you are at – from conceptualizing to building and testing to bringing your apps to market.

Customer and partner connection

New! ISV “Smart Partner Marketing” website

Microsoft can help you promote your app—this site is dedicated to the marketing needs of ISVs and Application Builders.

Microsoft Pinpoint

This open commerce platform is a marketplace that helps you maximize your exposure to prospective customers. Place your app in front of thousands of customers every day.

Partner to Partner Networking Community

Connect with other Microsoft partners to build your channel. Start conversations with other Microsoft partners, identify common objectives, and discuss possible business opportunities. Join the Packaged IP group.

MPN competencies

Earning a competency can set your company apart, and offers an incremental level of benefits. The Application Development competency is one for ISVs to consider, and additional ISV-specific opportunities within our competencies are coming soon.


Once you’ve had a chance to review and start using these resources, I invite you to connect with me to share your feedback about them. You can reach me by email at, as well as on Twitter (@whatsup_sharon), LinkedIn, and Yammer.

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