New Windows 10 Partner Community monthly call series

Last year, we implemented monthly call series for the Azure Partner Community and the Office 365 Partner Community. Now, we’re introducing a Windows 10 Partner Community call series, where you’ll have an opportunity to get regular news and updates about topics related to Windows 10 and devices.

Calls will be held on the last Tuesday of each month.

Join the first community call on Tuesday, August 25

The first call is on Tuesday, August 25, at 12:00PM Eastern Time/9:00AM Pacific Time. On this inaugural call, your host, Partner Technology Strategist, Steve Adams, will welcome Pang Ngernsupaluck from the US Windows & Devices Team for a Windows 10 product update and MVP Mikael Nystrom, who will share Windows 10 management updates and best practices. You’ll also learn about upcoming training that includes the Windows 10 US Partner Sales and Technical Roadshow, and the Windows 10 Management Masters online technical workshop series.

How to register for the Windows 10 Partner Community calls

The registration page for this year’s Windows 10 Partner Community calls is here. When registering, use the referral code MPN.

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