Increase and sustain your profitability with the Cloud Business Transformation Tool


imageCloud profitability transformation

Interested in learning how to transform your business models for cloud profitability? Microsoft has partnered with Service Leadership to give you the opportunity to utilize a Cloud Business Transformation Tool, called SLIQ, to help you in this transformation.

Step by step method to increase profits

SLIQ looks at the way your business operates and gives you a prescriptive set of steps to increase and sustain profitability.

It’s like hiring an industry expert to assess and provide advice on the operational methods of your business. You will receive guidance about the best investments to make for sustained profitability with cloud, managed services, and repeatable intellectual property (IP) services.

Learn more in an upcoming webcast

Register for our live webcast on August 26 at 3:00PM Eastern/12:00PM Pacific or September 23 at 11:30AM Eastern/8:30AM Pacific to get an overview and demo of SLIQ.


Registration for these webcasts is on the Partner Learning Center. To register, you must be a member of the Microsoft Partner Network. Associate yourself to your company’s MPN profile.

SLIQ is provided by Microsoft in partnership with Service Leadership, Inc. Learn more about Service Leadership. The software, service, terms and concepts of SLIQ©, Service Leadership Index®, (S-L Index™), Predominant Business Model© (PBM©) and Operational Maturity Level© (OML©) are proprietary to Service Leadership, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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