Drive profits through operational excellence with the SLIQ offer

by Amanda Hill, US Partner Technical Strategist

Many partners have asked for help around profitability in transitioning their business to cloud and managed services. Microsoft has partnered with Service Leadership Incorporated to develop a business transformation offer that helps partners drive operational growth, which is proven to lead to increased profitability. 

Microsoft partners in North America have the opportunity to participate in a 90-day introductory trial of SLIQ©, Service Leadership’s exclusive Cloud Business Transformation Tool. This consultative tool will evaluate and provide specific industry best practices tailored to your business model. The guidance you receive will help you understand and prioritize specific success drivers to invest in, as benchmarked against industry-leading partners with high profitability and growth.

Partners using SLIQ today say that the tool is a huge asset to evaluating their current business, providing access to best practices and a clear plan for their business growth.

See a live demo of SLIQ in the US Lounge at WPC 2015

At WPC 2015, you can learn more about the offer and see a live demo of the tool in the US Regional Lounge in The Commons. Come talk to one of our experts on Tuesday from 9:00AM–3:30PM or Wednesday from 12:00PM–2:30PM. 


SLIQ overview

Partner profitability and growth are closely correlated to proper operational methods. SLIQ provides expert, tailored, and actionable guidance to help partners advance their cloud practice and overall business. Take an online assessment to quickly see where your business needs help when benchmarking these methods against highly profitable partners with similar business models. The tool is based on best in class operational methods. You’ll receive a prescriptive plan to address and optimize the areas of suggested focus, as well as prioritization based on highest profit and risk impact. It’s like hiring an industry expert to assess and provide guidance on the operational methods of your business.

SLIQ offer

Up to 2,000 eligible partners in the US and Canada can sign up for a 90-day trial of the SLIQ Business Transformation Tool. After the 90-day trial period, you may choose to continue your access to the SLIQ tool at a 25% discounted rate for an additional 9 months.

Partner testimonial

The Aldridge Company in Houston, Texas provides professional services, managed services, and hosting. Says Patrick Wiley, The Aldridge Company President:

“SLIQ impacted our operating plan pretty significantly. It’s not only the source of strategic action items, but it does serve to define and prioritize our actions. At least 70 per cent of our annual initiatives are derived directly from the SLIQ Action Plan. We follow SLIQ very closely, and I would say that bringing awareness to our team has been the number one change. Specifically, we are aware of the things that we’re not doing and could be doing to improve OML [Operational Maturity Level©]. SLIQ gives us direction and prioritization. I recommend SLIQ, but only for a partner who’s ready for improvement; it’s not for someone happy with status quo. You get out what you put in.” 

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    Find out what’s new for Microsoft partners this week. We’ll connect you to resources that help you become

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    Find out what’s new for Microsoft partners this week. We’ll connect you to resources that help you become

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