Monday memo for US partners – September 29, 2014

Jenni%20Flinders%202010%2001_jpgby Jenni Flinders, Vice President, Microsoft US Partner Group

Hello partners, and welcome to the Monday memo! Each week, I share content I find interesting, such as leadership tips and relevant industry news that are beneficial to you as a Microsoft partner. You can read all of the Monday memo posts here.

Do you have suggestions for articles or partner blogs to be included in next week’s memo? I would love to hear from you. Share your thoughts with me on Twitter at @Jenni_Flinders.

  • Huffington Post – 5 skills of really amazing listeners
    Great leaders are also great listeners. If you aren’t doing these things already, try integrating these five skills into your conversational behavior and see what you learn.
  • Inc. – 7 smart habits of great innovators
    To stay on top of your game and your business, you must constantly be innovating. These seven habits will integrate innovation into your routine and keep you thinking in a creative way.
  • Microsoft on the Issues –  #MSFTCOSO POV: Microsoft honors Lady Gaga’s “Born Brave” youth campers
    A great article on the work that Microsoft is doing with Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation, collaborating with teens to grow a kinder, braver and safer digital world.
  • Entrepreneur – The 4 habits you need to be successful
    The most successful people maintain and master good habits. In this article you will find four habits that will help you maximize the results you have been producing and live the life of your dreams.
  • CIO – IT leaders aren’t all coming from tech
    A look at how today’s IT leadership is different than in years past and how varied backgrounds can prepare leaders in IT for success.

Have a wonderful week!

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