Monday memo for US partners – September 15, 2014

Jenni%20Flinders%202010%2001_jpgby Jenni Flinders, Vice President, Microsoft US Partner Group

Hello partners, and welcome to the Monday memo! Each week, I will share content I find interesting, such as leadership tips and relevant industry news that are beneficial to you as a Microsoft partner.

Do you have suggestions for articles or partner blogs to be included in next week’s memo? I would love to hear from you. Share your thoughts with me on Twitter at @Jenni_Flinders.

Forbes – Build a high-performing team in 30 minutes
Leaders spend a sizable amount of time improving their teams. With that said, there is a team performance tool out there, which is extremely effective and shockingly simple. It is low-tech and requires no prior skill and can be put into effect in thirty minutes or less.

BlueMetal Architects Blog – Fifteen mobility improvements to bring your field staff into the now
The BlueMetal Architects devices and mobility teams shares fifteen mobility improvements you can take advantage of today that will empower your field staff and make their work lives easier.

Huffington Post – 8 things entrepreneurial people do differently
Entrepreneurship is a mindset, an attitude and a lifestyle. It’s an approach to life that favors action over inaction and finding creative ways to overcome life’s challenges. Here are eight things entrepreneurs do differently than everyone else.

Inc. – 7 smart habits of great innovators
“The biggest misconception about success is that what you did yesterday will help you succeed tomorrow.” Develop these 7 habits in order to continue innovating and become even more innovative.

Bit-Wizards Blog – Have you been sold or solved?
Great article from Bit-Wizards about what customers should think about when shopping for a technology solution. Make sure you are not just selling but solving problems for your customers as well.

Forbes – Three simple changes you can make to grow your business
As a business owner, it is important to constantly evaluate your business practices and make necessary changes to help your business avoid stagnation. Here are three simple changes you can make that help you continue to grow your business.

Have a wonderful week!

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